Note: This review contains some spoilers. Do not proceed if you hate spoilers. You have been warned.

Courtesy of Nuffnang, yesterday, I had the privilege of watching the most anticipated movie of the year, Marvel's The Avengers ahead of many other people, including the people from the States because apparently the movie is going to be released to the cinemas only on the 5th of May. Wow. First time I heard of this. Malaysia is so privileged huh?

So, when I went to collect the tickets from Nuffnang counter, I saw the list (and also the new Nuffie :P), almost everyone had collected their tickets and I got the last row seats T_T~ Well actually, I've never gotten any good seats whether I come early or late to collect tickets :1

Okay so here's my review (from a background of a non-Marvel comic fanatic). For a superhero-loaded movie like this, all of us would expect a lot of action and true enough, this movie doesn't disappoint. There are some really funny scenes in the movie. Here are some of the memorable scenes from the movie

1. There was a scene where Hulk and Thor both had taken down one of Loki's huge evil thing together and then they were both standing next to each other in victory. Suddenly Hulk just punch Thor towards the left and Thor flew away from the punch. LOL. That part made the whole cinema burst into laughters.

2. There was another scene where Hulk was smashing Loki into the ground like nobody's business. It feels like watching WWE for a moment :P

3. Thor also spoken some funny lines. The Avengers were talking amongst themselves and one of them was talking something bad about Loki. Thor defended Loki saying that Loki is still an Asgardian and that he was his brother. Then Black Widow stated that Loki had killed 80 men in 2 days. Thor quickly replied "He's adopted". LOL. Epic.

4. Agent Coulson's scene with Loki was also really funny. Agent Coulson was holding some sort of gun and he was threatening Loki that he doesn't know what the weapon does and that he was about to find out by trying it out on Loki.  Loki then attacked Agent Coulson and he was about to die but he managed to shot Loki once and he was like saying something that means "So..that's what it does.." 

5. Agent Coulson is a Captain America fanboy. When he first met Captain America, Coulson's conversation with Captain America was dead awkward. LOL. And Agent Coulson also take pride in collecting all of Captain America's vintage collectibles.

6. There was a scene where Captain America was giving orders to a policemen to help civilians escape from Loki's army attack. Then the policemen was saying something like "Why should I listen to you?!". Then Captain America was fighting with so much glamour with the some of the soldiers from Loki's army and he won against them. The policemen stood there, stunned and he quickly repeated Captain America's orders to his fellow officers. Hahaha.

I think the movie did well in introducing the characters to people who have not read the comic or people who have not watched Iron Man/Captain America/Thor. Some argued that the first 30 minutes of the movie is plain boring and rubbish. But I think the 30 minutes was important to build up the story. Takkan you want the movie to start bam bam bam bam bam all the way till the end -_-;

I think the characters all portrayed very strong characters, no one overpower another. Captain America, the old-fashioned guy lead the in his old fashion way (very obvious when he was giving orders to the Avengers team :P). Scarlett Johansson's role was not bad either, no signs of being bimbo. Her introduction to the movie was pretty funny too. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) was awesome like usual lalala and his script is really good. Iron Man was also the "ultimate" hero of the day. Thor had his own moments as a great demi-god. Hulk or Banner, would have easily been the star of the show given that his role was also very prominent and he portrayed the character well. 

My only problem is Nick Fury, I think his role can be better in the movie, show more presence hmm. I also noticed Hill (played by Cobie Smulders). Although she's just playing a very minor supporting role but oh, she so pretty! :x P/S: I googled Cobie Smulders up and I found out she stars in How I Met Your Mother XD. Sorry la, I don't watch HIMYM -.-

Oh yes, people. Stay through the credits, there's a clip for the next sequel I guess.

My ratings for the movie:

6/10 for storyline. It's your typical storyline except for a few minor twists here and there. Predictable. (Even more predictable for comic readers?)

8/10 for characters. Very solid performance from almost all the characters, especially impressed with Hulk.

10/10 for Iron Man. Just pure awesomeness :P

Overall: 7/10 !

Would I watch again in the cinemas? YES. BUT THE MOST BACK ROW SEATS PLEASE! :P