Ever since my family discovered Sushi Zanmai back in 2008, I've become a big fan of it. Fresh sushi all the time from Zanmai and their reasonable price is super attractive. The fact that I love Japanese food, particularly sushi (or also sashimi) a lot only draws me back to that place time after time. I would usually go to the outlet in The Gardens in Mid Valley but last week was my first time in their outlet in Fahrenheit 88. My sister told me that the sushi on the conveyor belt has more choices. She's right.

Lol. I just finished my last paper that Saturday morning and I think I spammed a lot that day. Especially, tamago. LOL. But how often do I do this? :P Most of the time, I'll be good. I'll just order an Ebidon and maybe one or two plates. Done. But that day, well.. maybe I was just very relieved I've finished my papers. Mummy was very kind, she let me order whatever I want. Thank you mummy.

Lol, the plates came up to this much. I told you I spammed tamago *.* Tapi jangan salah faham, I didn't eat all of the sushis on those plates all by myself -_-! Maybe most of it, but not all :P 

Ah. Now, craving for sushi :( Anybody wanna bring me out to eat? :P

P/S: All pictures taken using Galaxy SII. Not bad, hor? :D