"Win an iPhone4s!" I'm sure that line have catch your attention, isn't it? I'm pretty sure we have all see how (should I say..) rampant is this line "Win an iPhone4s" going around, especially on Facebook. It's no surprise Facebook has become an outlet for companies to expand on their marketing strategies. One of the most popular strategy now - use sharing, like and lucky draw as contest mechanics.

So suddenly, you find someone who haven't talk to you for months asking you for a favour via FB chat. Or maybe, they indirectly ask you to by tagging you on Facebook. Or you've seen them posting on their own profile many many times, that it's appearing on your newsfeed non-stop.

One, maybe you can tolerate.

But then suddenly, there's a bunch of them sharing the same thing on Facebook. And you're like...

Actually, there is :D 

More in the next post :P