13 Things That Happened in 2013

1. I got my face into national newspaper, my voice was on national radio and my post appeared on national TV. Shameless indeed :P

2. It's been quite a dry year in terms of wins but nevertheless I won my first tablet - an iPad Mini (which I happily gave it to my mum) and won 3 phones - Sony SP, Ninetology U9X1 and a Galaxy S4 Zoom. Bam! I also won my first radio contest :D Well, half-radio cause I didn't have to call in, heh.

3. I lost my wallet > :( Boohoo.

RIP :(

4. My trusty Samsung Galaxy S2 died.

5. Completed 16 subjects in three semesters, and got myself a scholarship for Year 2!

6. Learned some basic skills with Photoshop and Illustrator :P

People in Pratunam Market

7. Went to Penang with friends for the first time and paid my third visit to Bangkok with my family :D

8. Watched a movie in IMAX for the first time, for free :P

9. Witnessed 4 graduations from 4 different unis.

10. YPF Camp after 4 years!

11. Took more than 10,000 photos amounting to 208GB worth of images. *Gulp*

12. Boarded MAS and watched Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Lol. :) Yay to entertaining flights.

13. Got fatter with many new bruises >:( 

Video of the Week: Top Pop Songs of 2013 (Waking Up) - DJ Drybones

Awesome work from DJ Drybones! 

My favourite part of the video : 4:45-5:13 Heh.

I Survived

Hey peeps. How's your holidays so far? Enjoyed Christmas yesterday? I'm really clumsy and lack of bodily intelligence so in the last one week I hurt myself quite a number of times and also partly because all the bad things seems to happen at the same time.

I stepped on a piece of glass (don't know how did that happened since there was no broken materials recently) while I was walking up my own stairs at home. That's like one day before I went to Bangkok. Jeez. Thankfully, it was nothing serious but I spent RM100 for some medication and get a jab. Cis.

In Bangkok, I clumsily hit the wooden door and my toe was bleeding and next thing I know, I've got a huge blue-black but it's okay now. Thankfully again, (I think I got high pain tolerance or what?) it didn't affect my walking :P And I think I had an allergy but I don't know to what while I was in Bangkok and I'm still having this rash which won't go away :( I hope it goes away soon because it's irritating me. The last time I had allergy was a few years ago to some medication.

Two days ago, I fell (AGAIN) as I missed a step on the staircase and I hit my knee. OH MY GOSH. Nothing serious again, but I got myself a new bruise duh. I'm quite surprised and impressed LOL as I wondered how did I survive in the last 20 years. 

Also, I got darker - I hate the sun.

One last thing, my S2 died on me! There's some problem with the motherboard. I'm so sad. And now I'm having a difficult time deciding on what phone to get. I need to find a sufficient replacement for it because my S2 was too awesome. #attachmentissues 

Back from BKK

I just came back from Cotton Candy Land Bangkok. Done loads of shopping! :D

Update soon :) It's Christmas season, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Review: Frozen (Disney Animated Film 2013)

Watched Frozen on Sunday night with family. I haven't been watching a lot of animated films in the last few years. Did not watch Brave, Wreck it Ralph, Rise of the Guardians etc etc etc even though I heard some of it were really good in terms of storyline and great visuals. In fact, the only new animated film I've watched this year is probably..Despicable Me 2.. Oops.

(the following paragraphs may contain spoilers, *cough)

I grew up with Disney - watched a lot of Disney animated films and of course, watched all of its Disney Princess franchise animated films except Princess Merida from Brave. Prior to this, I did not know that Frozen was about princesses until people started to talk about it. In fact I only remembered the trailer/teaser which shows only Olaf and Sven, so I thought it was a story about animals. Oops. So in the recent weeks, I got know that Frozen was based loosely on the story of Snow Queen (she's evil by the way and Elsa's good). As of now, Elsa the Snow Queen and Princess Anna of Arendelle is not officially in the Disney Princess franchise - yet. I like the Frozen, its animation is very similar to Tangled. Brave's animation reminds me of How To Train Your Dragon.

Frozen is a captivating story revolving around two sisters (a princess and a queen). I knew Disney was gonna use the "true love" plot again *eyes suspiciously* but I was thoroughly surprised that the "true love" was referring to a sisterly love this time, wow! There is a lot to say about each of the characters in the film but I shall not delved into that in this review. Frozen is perhaps the best Disney animated film in the last decade. The film is thoroughly enjoyable. Animation experts claim that there were quite a number of error with the animations, which I don't know because I'm not an expert but it seems all good in my eyes. The only problem I had was I wished that the ending could perhaps been more dramatic and magical - especially the scene where Anna was revived...to the effect like the transformation of the Beast into a Prince again (in Beauty and the Beast)?

Voice castings were good. I like! Anna's voice was super familiar..I found out it was Kristen Bell. Cooooool. I think a great part of this movie success will come from the brilliant idea to hire Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez to compose the film's orchestral scores. Super good music and lyrics accompanying the film, you could just sing-a-long. And, the "Do you want to build a Snowman?" song is so sad, it moved me to tears. Furreals.

Demi Lovato also performed "Let It Go", another memorable song in Frozen, and fans are arguing that they should have casted Demi as the voice act for Elsa's character.. but meh, she will not be able to pull off a great performance like Idina Menzel because Idina's background as a Broadway performer definitely suits Disney's animated musical more. This is not Camp Rock, okay?

It goes without saying that I've been listening to "Let it Go" non-stop since Monday night :p 

I believe that people who grew up with Disney, like myself, can't help it but feel the great nostalgia and happiness because many similar elements that was found it the great old days is repackaged nicely in Frozen. If Disney can keep up and produce more animated films like this, it will definitely reach its glory days again.

Video of the Week: Youtube Rewind - What Does 2013 Say?

When I was watching this video I was wondering, hey why the people behind Youtube so good in mashing up songs wun?.. Until I realised they credited the song mash up to DJ Earworm. Cheh :P

Spot your favourite youtube artist? I saw Ryan and Chester! :D

Homemade: Beef Patty-Steak With Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes, Potato Wedges and Lettuce

That's one long blog title. LOL. But anyway, here's the picture of the beef patty-steak with stuffed portobello mushrooms, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, potato wedge and lettuce that my mum made for dinner some time ago.

I love my mum :D Don't you think she's awesome? :D

Review: The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug

All thanks to Cinema Online, I got to watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug before it was released in the cinemas. I watched in IMAX 3D summore! And it was my first. In all honesty, I thought the 3D effect was really really good (so good that the words were floating yo!) except that I find that some scenes seem to be quite blurry and the 3D spectacles was not very comfy.. not to mention I get dizzy when the camera pans and my seating was not very good because I came late to collect the tickets. Adui. And there's no subtitles, so it's a sorry case for non-English viewers. BUT, overall it was a good experience and I love it yo. And did you notice how cool were the movie tickets?!

Peter Jackson working his magic

If you think that the first Hobbit is disappointing because of the lack of adventure and action, you won't be disappointed this time. Peter Jackson once again injects his magic into the film and introduces some new and old characters (like..LEGOLAS :D) along the way..there's a few good vs evil scenes but no, don't expect any epic battle yet because I'm guessing it's reserved for the last installment. I will want to watch this again, this time in 2D perhaps :P

(Spoiler ahead!)

With the success of the LOTR trilogy, it is no wonder why people always go back to compare Peter Jackson's works as it's the benchmark that he has set more than 10 years ago (yea man, the LOTR series ended in 2003).

My favourite scene in the film goes to the scene filmed in Pelorus River because it was so beautiful and funny! The stunts involving barrels is a genius idea. Bombur was easy to laugh at - classic!

As always, Legolas has the best stunts and I really think the choreographer for Legolas' fight scene deserves an honorable mention.

A male-centric movie, thank you dear Peter Jackson for introducing Tauriel because I like her character. Except that I found it unnecessary to show the love triangle between Legolas-Tauriel-Kili - ain't nobody got time for love. Ermahgerd, reminds me of typical  Hollywood superhero movies before the heroes goes off to fight, he will kiss the gf first or something. 

New character - Bard the bowman played by Luke Evans

The movie ends at its climax in a cliffhanger. So I would expect the next movie to be packed with action and adventure once again..

*some of the scenes is from the first Hobbit. Anyhow, remember to watch in 3D!

Credits rolled out with Ed Sheeran's I See Fire - very fitting. The lyrics is more meaningful because it's what Thorin said towards the end of the film. I thought Ed Sheeran sounded like Justin Timberlake but the song doesn't sound like JT's style.

* All movie stills taken from various sources. None belongs to me.

Food: La Boca Latino Bar @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

So, my family and I went to La Boca last month. La Boca serves Latin American cuisines. This restaurant was embracing technology as patrons can see that music is played from an iPhone. It was my first time there but I got to know that sometimes there are live performances.

Know what you are eating!

Three shots of the menu. I must love the menu, a lot. I like the concept that it was like a newspaper and when I see other people reading the menu it really looked like they were reading a newspaper. -_- Don't know why, I find that really amusing.

Pretty chairs!

Most of the patrons that night were well..non-Malaysians.


Pizza de Frutos del Mar aka Pizza with tomato, mozzarella, prawns, calamari and salmon

Pizza Rellena aka Stuffed and folded Argentinean pizza with mozzarella, turkey ham, chorizo, kalamata olives and fresh basil leaf.

This pizza is the bomb! My favourite for the night

Pastel de Chocio aka A Chilean version of the Shepherd's Pie

Overall, dinner was very enjoyable. It's nice to have something different from the normal bars and go for something fresh like Latin American food. All dishes were rich with taste and for the price, the portion is not too bad. Since it's a bar, the drinks should be good as well but we didn't order any but asked for sky juice (which came with lemons by the way) :P

Also, you know a restaurant has good service when you see the chief coming over to your table and asked if you enjoyed your dinner ; )

Great ambiance - I think it will be even more awesome if there was a live performance for us to see that night :P

Lost, Not Found

I wanted to make more food blogpost but I have no pictures to show at the moment because I do most of my photo editing/converting on my computer and now it's throwing a fit - restarting so frequently I can't even see it finish loading Windows before it restarts again.

So, I thought why not make a rambling post?

:D It's been awhile isn't it.

Life is so hectic and so many things happened that I can't even remember what I have been doing for the last few months. So let's just share one or two of the most recent happenings that I remember while I'm blogging here.

Friends on Facebook or on Twitter will know that I lost my wallet last week. I don't know how it happened - seriously, don't ask me. The only thing I knew was I made the wrong choice at the wrong time. While friends were settling down at San Francisco Coffee outlet in The Sphere after dinner, I went to check my CIMB account balance with a friend. And that was the last time I remember seeing my wallet. I only realised that I lost my wallet the next day in the afternoon when I wanted to go to college to hand up my final graphic design project. So, I guess I was feeling super sucky at that time.

I lost a lot of stuffs - my licenses, IC, student cards, loyalty cards, guitar picks and even my polaroid picture with Aki..and an obscene amount of cash because I just gotten money from the sales of my prizes that week (!!!!) The contributing factor of feeling more sucky than ever was the fact that I worked hard to win contest etc but it seemed useless because it was lost. Sigh. So apart from losing those cash, I had to pay quite a number of fine for card replacement. The heaviest penalty was for losing IC - RM110 in total. So, I feel even more sucky. And I still do, because I don't know how I lost it as I'm usually careful.

I just hope the person that found my wallet just leave my IC and stuff alone (like throw it inside a rubbish bin and let it decompose or destroyed etc) :( Please, please, please!

Making replacement cards was also a sucky process. I spent 1.5 hours in JPN, 2.5 hours in JPJ and 2 hours in Maybank because system was down or something. Thankfully, replacing student card took me less than 10 minutes and CIMB was efficient in attending to customers - I did not have to wait for my turn and things was done within 20 minutes or so.

Lotsa lessons learnt. I shall never lose my wallet again. Never be careless again.

The one thing I can be thankful out of this whole incident was that a random uncle gave me his waiting number when I was at JPJ. The fact that he gave me almost moved me to tears because there were like a hundred people waiting there but he approached and gave his number to me. I skipped like more than 100 numbers, so I saved almost 2-3 hours of waiting time. Thank you so much, uncle!

The lost of my wallet also triggered my desire to change system. By changing system, I mean changing my DSLR system to micro four thirds aka mirrorless system. I've been wanting to change my DSLR but unwilling to sacrifice photo quality and control but I think I finally am willing to give up certain things to be able to have more convenience. You may think why the lost of my wallet triggered this thoughts again. I'm lazy to explain but the lost of my wallet has got to do with carrying a suitable bag to put in wallet and camera, and the bag was heavy etc.

Oh well, so right now I'm hunting for buyers for my Nikon gears which includes D7000, two lenses and a flash. I also have a brand Ninetology phone for sale. Hopefully I can sell all this quickly before price continue to drop (darn gadgets' value always depreciates over time).

There's so many birthdays and Christmas is coming, and everything is so expensive now that I just want to eat bread everyday.

End of rambling. Food post next!

Video of the Week: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (LIVE World Premiere)

In celebration of one of the most anticipated movies in 2013.. 1 hour and 18 minutes of awesomeness. It's super long LOL but it's cool man. Can't wait for the premiere screening :P

Food: Groupon Deal - S'Mores Restaurant @ The Sphere, Bangsar South [Non-halal]

A few weeks ago, Groupon had this deal for S'Mores Restaurant. RM130 for 1 pork platter which includes German chorizo (aka pork sausages), English roast pork, pork ribs, rosemary potato salad and 4 mugs of Tiger beer. A meal that boasts of feeding up to 8 person. We came in 10 so we ordered one extra plate of pork.

It was my first time at The Sphere, Bangsar South and S'Mores was easily located from the outdoor car park.


Extra dish: Pork with honey mustard sauce. Super love the taste!

As you can see, the 'mug' of beer is really a glass of Tiger beer. Hahaha. And the two sauces that comes with the pork platter - apple sauce and BBQ. The apple sauce was nice.

We swapped three of our beer with juices. 

Overall, the food was really nice - no complains at all. The ribs was a delight.

We took some time to order because of some communication problems. I really don't mind restaurants hiring foreign workers but I mind when they are not able to communicate with customers. 

Another thing is, the waiter told us that no plain water or sky juice would be served because we bought the Groupon voucher. Well, this means that indirectly, they are making you order their drinks - this move is perhaps offensive to customers as it was not stated in the T&C of the Groupon deal. Most of the restaurants and cafes in Klang Valley will serve plain water upon the customer's request - even if they offered a deal.

Anyway, when we finished, we were given a "complimentary" jug of water. Lol, so thankful. As we were about to leave though, we saw some stains on the jug. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Anyway, we told the waiter about it.

Also, did I mention that I got bitten by mosquitoes? The place I was seated was infested (prolly exaggerating but I was really irritated) by mosquitoes. My friends and I were bitten and we could literally feel the mosquitoes flying at the bottom of the table. I think this the first time I get mosquito bites when dining outside. I hope they do something about it because I told the waiter about this too. LOL. Feedback is important, people.

Restaurant has a nice ambiance and most patrons on that day were seen with the pork platter - so I assumed most of them came with the Groupon deal. 


I was on TV. Not exactly me but my name with my picture was there.
I got my eight seconds of fame on national news thanks to my comment of asking Livescapes if there was refund for complimentary tickets. That's what you get for being the top commenter on Facebook.

Does that make me a national cheapskate now? *hides in a corner*

Christmas Wishlist v2013

December started with rainy days. Monday was crazy as it rained 12 hours nonstop, I think it was my first in 20 years!

Believe it or not, Christmas is just around the corner. So it's only natural to have a Christmas wishlist now. Just to keep the ball rolling and to leave hints to people who might want to buy me gifts, right? Heh.

Clockwise from top right:
1. Eco 2.0 Vail Tortoise Red from GlassesOnline
2. Ray-Ban RX5280 F 2012/53 from GlassesOnline
3. Zeagoo Women's Geometric Knitted Sweater Loose Pullover Outwear from Amazon
4. AEO Brocade Tassel Backpack from AEO
5.  Keds Taylor Swift Champion Oxford Shoes - Women from Keds
6. ASOS High Waisted Shorts in Aztec Embroidery from ASOS
7. Vans Atwood Low Sneaker - Womens from DSW

I've been wanting to get a sneakers for a long time now but haven't found time to go and buy one. Also, I haven't got myself a pair of shades since 2008. That's like almost 6 years ago. 

The geek in me would really want more gadgets in my hands but then I think I find more satisfaction if I win them rather than having someone buy for me. Also, my gadget wishlist is going to be way more expensive :P So let's just say I want to win more gadgets rather than receiving them prizes than as gifts.


Time to save up and spend during this holiday season people?


Video of the Week: Jimmy Fallon, Rashida Jones & Carrie Underwood Parody (Thanksgiving Medley)

LOL. Carrie Underwood's parody of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball too jiwang already. HAHAHAHAH.

Lyrics (from the video description):


We ate too much
Filled our plates now we're stuffed
But we can't give up
Until allthe food's gone

I feel like I weigh a ton
My pants are coming undone
Turn on that microwave, son
We're up all night to eat turkey
We're up all night to eat turkey
We're up all night to eat turkey


I ate the thigh of the turkey
The gravy
Everything you made me

Now I'm on the sofa
And you're gonna hear me snore
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
You're gonna hear me snoooore


And we get to spin dreidels (Dreidels!)
And wear our yarmulkes
This Thanksgiving has a plus
It's the first day of Hannukah

So let's light our menorahs (Norahs!)
And eat potato pancakes
So baby Shalom (Shalom)
Shalom (Shalom)
Let's celebrate both today


You made me cook a butterball
And then a green bean casserole
All you did was sit and watch football
And ignored all of your fa-a-mily
Ignored your fa-a-mily


I got this turkey on Thanksgiving Day and it was raw
I took it right out of the fridge, I watched, I let it thaw
I put your giblets in a bag and threw it in the air
I stuffed the bread crumbs in your butt
I don't care
I stuffed it
I don't care
I stuffed it, I stuffed it... I don't care


Everybody get up!

Black Fri-day!
Black Fri-day!
Black Fri-day!

(I hate these) Long liiines!

Outside the WalMart
Outside the Kmart
Outside the Target
(But there's some) Good buuuys!

You better hurry
You want that Furby
What rhymes with Furby?

Where'd you get those headphones?
Playstation and Xbox
I'd trample you to get one
You're the hottest gift in this place!





Made a list and checked it twice
Are you naughty, are you nice?

Beard of white and suit of red
Got my reindeer and my sled
Got my reindeer and my sled...

I believe in you
You believe in me
I'm Santa Claus
I believe in you
You believe in me
I'm Santa... Ho!