So, my family and I went to La Boca last month. La Boca serves Latin American cuisines. This restaurant was embracing technology as patrons can see that music is played from an iPhone. It was my first time there but I got to know that sometimes there are live performances.

Know what you are eating!

Three shots of the menu. I must love the menu, a lot. I like the concept that it was like a newspaper and when I see other people reading the menu it really looked like they were reading a newspaper. -_- Don't know why, I find that really amusing.

Pretty chairs!

Most of the patrons that night were well..non-Malaysians.


Pizza de Frutos del Mar aka Pizza with tomato, mozzarella, prawns, calamari and salmon

Pizza Rellena aka Stuffed and folded Argentinean pizza with mozzarella, turkey ham, chorizo, kalamata olives and fresh basil leaf.

This pizza is the bomb! My favourite for the night

Pastel de Chocio aka A Chilean version of the Shepherd's Pie

Overall, dinner was very enjoyable. It's nice to have something different from the normal bars and go for something fresh like Latin American food. All dishes were rich with taste and for the price, the portion is not too bad. Since it's a bar, the drinks should be good as well but we didn't order any but asked for sky juice (which came with lemons by the way) :P

Also, you know a restaurant has good service when you see the chief coming over to your table and asked if you enjoyed your dinner ; )

Great ambiance - I think it will be even more awesome if there was a live performance for us to see that night :P