1. I got my face into national newspaper, my voice was on national radio and my post appeared on national TV. Shameless indeed :P

2. It's been quite a dry year in terms of wins but nevertheless, I won my first tablet - an iPad Mini (which I happily gave it to my mum) and won 3 phones - Sony SP, Ninetology U9X1, and a Galaxy S4 Zoom. Bam! I also won my first radio contest :D Well, half-radio cause I didn't have to call in, heh.

3. I lost my wallet > :( Boohoo.

RIP :(

4. My trusty Samsung Galaxy S2 died.

5. Completed 16 subjects in three semesters, and got myself a scholarship for Year 2!

6. Learned some basic skills with Photoshop and Illustrator :P

People in Pratunam Market

7. Went to Penang with friends for the first time and paid my third visit to Bangkok with my family :D

8. Watched a movie in IMAX for the first time, for free :P

9. Witnessed 4 graduations from 4 different unis.

10. YPF Camp after 4 years!

11. Took more than 10,000 photos amounting to 208GB worth of images. *Gulp*

12. Boarded MAS and watched Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Lol. :) Yay for entertaining flights.

13. Got fatter with many new bruises >:(