All thanks to Cinema Online, I got to watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug before it was released in the cinemas. I watched in IMAX 3D summore! And it was my first. In all honesty, I thought the 3D effect was really really good (so good that the words were floating yo!) except that I find that some scenes seem to be quite blurry and the 3D spectacles was not very comfy.. not to mention I get dizzy when the camera pans and my seating was not very good because I came late to collect the tickets. Adui. And there's no subtitles, so it's a sorry case for non-English viewers. BUT, overall it was a good experience and I love it yo. And did you notice how cool were the movie tickets?!

Peter Jackson working his magic

If you think that the first Hobbit is disappointing because of the lack of adventure and action, you won't be disappointed this time. Peter Jackson once again injects his magic into the film and introduces some new and old characters (like..LEGOLAS :D) along the way..there's a few good vs evil scenes but no, don't expect any epic battle yet because I'm guessing it's reserved for the last installment. I will want to watch this again, this time in 2D perhaps :P

(Spoiler ahead!)

With the success of the LOTR trilogy, it is no wonder why people always go back to compare Peter Jackson's works as it's the benchmark that he has set more than 10 years ago (yea man, the LOTR series ended in 2003).

My favourite scene in the film goes to the scene filmed in Pelorus River because it was so beautiful and funny! The stunts involving barrels is a genius idea. Bombur was easy to laugh at - classic!

As always, Legolas has the best stunts and I really think the choreographer for Legolas' fight scene deserves an honorable mention.

A male-centric movie, thank you dear Peter Jackson for introducing Tauriel because I like her character. Except that I found it unnecessary to show the love triangle between Legolas-Tauriel-Kili - ain't nobody got time for love. Ermahgerd, reminds me of typical  Hollywood superhero movies before the heroes goes off to fight, he will kiss the gf first or something. 

New character - Bard the bowman played by Luke Evans

The movie ends at its climax in a cliffhanger. So I would expect the next movie to be packed with action and adventure once again..

*some of the scenes is from the first Hobbit. Anyhow, remember to watch in 3D!

Credits rolled out with Ed Sheeran's I See Fire - very fitting. The lyrics is more meaningful because it's what Thorin said towards the end of the film. I thought Ed Sheeran sounded like Justin Timberlake but the song doesn't sound like JT's style.

* All movie stills taken from various sources. None belongs to me.