Watched Frozen on Sunday night with family. I haven't been watching a lot of animated films in the last few years. Did not watch Brave, Wreck it Ralph, Rise of the Guardians etc etc etc even though I heard some of it were really good in terms of storyline and great visuals. In fact, the only new animated film I've watched this year is probably..Despicable Me 2.. Oops.

(the following paragraphs may contain spoilers, *cough)

I grew up with Disney - watched a lot of Disney animated films and of course, watched all of its Disney Princess franchise animated films except Princess Merida from Brave. Prior to this, I did not know that Frozen was about princesses until people started to talk about it. In fact I only remembered the trailer/teaser which shows only Olaf and Sven, so I thought it was a story about animals. Oops. So in the recent weeks, I got know that Frozen was based loosely on the story of Snow Queen (she's evil by the way and Elsa's good). As of now, Elsa the Snow Queen and Princess Anna of Arendelle is not officially in the Disney Princess franchise - yet. I like the Frozen, its animation is very similar to Tangled. Brave's animation reminds me of How To Train Your Dragon.

Frozen is a captivating story revolving around two sisters (a princess and a queen). I knew Disney was gonna use the "true love" plot again *eyes suspiciously* but I was thoroughly surprised that the "true love" was referring to a sisterly love this time, wow! There is a lot to say about each of the characters in the film but I shall not delved into that in this review. Frozen is perhaps the best Disney animated film in the last decade. The film is thoroughly enjoyable. Animation experts claim that there were quite a number of error with the animations, which I don't know because I'm not an expert but it seems all good in my eyes. The only problem I had was I wished that the ending could perhaps been more dramatic and magical - especially the scene where Anna was the effect like the transformation of the Beast into a Prince again (in Beauty and the Beast)?

Voice castings were good. I like! Anna's voice was super familiar..I found out it was Kristen Bell. Cooooool. I think a great part of this movie success will come from the brilliant idea to hire Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez to compose the film's orchestral scores. Super good music and lyrics accompanying the film, you could just sing-a-long. And, the "Do you want to build a Snowman?" song is so sad, it moved me to tears. Furreals.

Demi Lovato also performed "Let It Go", another memorable song in Frozen, and fans are arguing that they should have casted Demi as the voice act for Elsa's character.. but meh, she will not be able to pull off a great performance like Idina Menzel because Idina's background as a Broadway performer definitely suits Disney's animated musical more. This is not Camp Rock, okay?

It goes without saying that I've been listening to "Let it Go" non-stop since Monday night :p 

I believe that people who grew up with Disney, like myself, can't help it but feel the great nostalgia and happiness because many similar elements that was found it the great old days is repackaged nicely in Frozen. If Disney can keep up and produce more animated films like this, it will definitely reach its glory days again.