I Survived

Hey peeps. How's your holidays so far? Enjoyed Christmas yesterday? I'm really clumsy and lack of bodily intelligence so in the last one week I hurt myself quite a number of times and also partly because all the bad things seems to happen at the same time.

I stepped on a piece of glass (don't know how did that happened since there was no broken materials recently) while I was walking up my own stairs at home. That's like one day before I went to Bangkok. Jeez. Thankfully, it was nothing serious but I spent RM100 for some medication and get a jab. Cis.

In Bangkok, I clumsily hit the wooden door and my toe was bleeding and next thing I know, I've got a huge blue-black but it's okay now. Thankfully again, (I think I got high pain tolerance or what?) it didn't affect my walking :P And I think I had an allergy but I don't know to what while I was in Bangkok and I'm still having this rash which won't go away :( I hope it goes away soon because it's irritating me. The last time I had allergy was a few years ago to some medication.

Two days ago, I fell (AGAIN) as I missed a step on the staircase and I hit my knee. OH MY GOSH. Nothing serious again, but I got myself a new bruise duh. I'm quite surprised and impressed LOL as I wondered how did I survive in the last 20 years. 

Also, I got darker - I hate the sun.

One last thing, my S2 died on me! There's some problem with the motherboard. I'm so sad. And now I'm having a difficult time deciding on what phone to get. I need to find a sufficient replacement for it because my S2 was too awesome. #attachmentissues 

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