Lost, Not Found

I wanted to make more food blogpost but I have no pictures to show at the moment because I do most of my photo editing/converting on my computer and now it's throwing a fit - restarting so frequently I can't even see it finish loading Windows before it restarts again.

So, I thought why not make a rambling post?

:D It's been awhile isn't it.

Life is so hectic and so many things happened that I can't even remember what I have been doing for the last few months. So let's just share one or two of the most recent happenings that I remember while I'm blogging here.

Friends on Facebook or on Twitter will know that I lost my wallet last week. I don't know how it happened - seriously, don't ask me. The only thing I knew was I made the wrong choice at the wrong time. While friends were settling down at San Francisco Coffee outlet in The Sphere after dinner, I went to check my CIMB account balance with a friend. And that was the last time I remember seeing my wallet. I only realised that I lost my wallet the next day in the afternoon when I wanted to go to college to hand up my final graphic design project. So, I guess I was feeling super sucky at that time.

I lost a lot of stuffs - my licenses, IC, student cards, loyalty cards, guitar picks and even my polaroid picture with Aki..and an obscene amount of cash because I just gotten money from the sales of my prizes that week (!!!!) The contributing factor of feeling more sucky than ever was the fact that I worked hard to win contest etc but it seemed useless because it was lost. Sigh. So apart from losing those cash, I had to pay quite a number of fine for card replacement. The heaviest penalty was for losing IC - RM110 in total. So, I feel even more sucky. And I still do, because I don't know how I lost it as I'm usually careful.

I just hope the person that found my wallet just leave my IC and stuff alone (like throw it inside a rubbish bin and let it decompose or destroyed etc) :( Please, please, please!

Making replacement cards was also a sucky process. I spent 1.5 hours in JPN, 2.5 hours in JPJ and 2 hours in Maybank because system was down or something. Thankfully, replacing student card took me less than 10 minutes and CIMB was efficient in attending to customers - I did not have to wait for my turn and things was done within 20 minutes or so.

Lotsa lessons learnt. I shall never lose my wallet again. Never be careless again.

The one thing I can be thankful out of this whole incident was that a random uncle gave me his waiting number when I was at JPJ. The fact that he gave me almost moved me to tears because there were like a hundred people waiting there but he approached and gave his number to me. I skipped like more than 100 numbers, so I saved almost 2-3 hours of waiting time. Thank you so much, uncle!

The lost of my wallet also triggered my desire to change system. By changing system, I mean changing my DSLR system to micro four thirds aka mirrorless system. I've been wanting to change my DSLR but unwilling to sacrifice photo quality and control but I think I finally am willing to give up certain things to be able to have more convenience. You may think why the lost of my wallet triggered this thoughts again. I'm lazy to explain but the lost of my wallet has got to do with carrying a suitable bag to put in wallet and camera, and the bag was heavy etc.

Oh well, so right now I'm hunting for buyers for my Nikon gears which includes D7000, two lenses and a flash. I also have a brand Ninetology phone for sale. Hopefully I can sell all this quickly before price continue to drop (darn gadgets' value always depreciates over time).

There's so many birthdays and Christmas is coming, and everything is so expensive now that I just want to eat bread everyday.

End of rambling. Food post next!

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