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12 Things I Did/Achieved in 2012

1) I met with Phil and Wes from Wong Fu Productions courtesy of an invitation from Nuffnang :D and took a picture wit Wes :DDDD 

2) I appeared on The Star newspaper in conjunction of International Women's Day.

3) Attended cousins' weddings. Two in the same year!

4) Finished my foundation and hopped into degree, plus got scholarship for first year :)

5) Got a Nokia Lumia 800 for 2 weeks, shipped all the way from UK to review it
6) Won the Seiko Solar Chronograph Watch

7) Went to Genting with my friends and bid my good friend goodbye not too long after that x(

8) Be part of the Retro-themed Mother's Night and Hawaii-themed Father's Night for the mothers and fathers in church :)

9) Bought new equipments - Nikon D7000 (sold off my D5100), SB600, 35mm 1.8G
10) Went to Bangkok for the second time in my life

11) Went for my first photoshoot and accepted an offer that's gonna be exciting for the next year
12) Win, win, win! :P (camera, watch, perfume, tickets etc etc et…

#FF - Beverley Craven

Overheard this song on the radio and I decided to search it up again. Found out 'Promise Me' was sung by Beverley Craven. I've never heard of her before but she's a British talent. I like. She's no superstar nor best selling artist whatsoever but I love this song to bits. Lol! Enough to make me google her up, replay this song over and over again till my sisters get bored :3
This kinda tune and emotions in a song would make me cry easily if I'm listening to it at night and in a super bad mood or something. T_______T Beverley Craven's Memories is even worst seriously will cry one lor.

Ah, I love early 90s and late 80s songs.

Christmas Party 2012

Okay la, 2 days late, but Merry Christmas!
I'm still in the Christmas mood :1 



Durian Jelly, mama made this :)

Durian Puff, mama made this too :D

Homemade sumptuous chocolate cake you cannot resist!

Needless to say, I was very happy that night. Good company, awesome food siapa tak suka, kan? Not sure if I've mentioned before I don't have a favourite color and that it all depends on mood but now, I think for the past few weeks I've been digging red. :1 

So here's a picture (of myself) that I rarely post up on this blog :1

Bangkok Transportation: Taxi and Tuk-Tuk

Tuk-Tuk(s) can be found easily in Bangkok. Tuk-Tuk is usually more expensive to ride as compared to taxis. If you want to try Tuk-Tuk for the experience, try riding with a maximum of 2 passengers for comfort. Also, if you cannot stand dust or smoke, riding Tuk-Tuk once would be enough.

Some Tuk-Tuk drivers would simply give you a price to ride, quickly decline if it's too expensive - they're trying to take advantage of you. Usually they would charge about RM15 - RM 30 per Tuk-Tuk doesn't matter how many people are gonna ride on it. Depending on whether you are desperate or willing to wait, you can go for it :)

Colourful taxis in Bangkok, this, you cannot miss. Most of their taxis are in good condition, unlike the ones in Malaysia. However, get prepared to get ripped off because you're a tourist. Back in 2008, we had no difficulties getting a cab and the ride only cost us about RM3-5. But since back then, we stayed in Baiyoke Sky Hotel, it was easier for us to walk arou…


Quick update! Just got back from Bangkok yesterday night. I miss home, it's good to be back. Let's see if I can update about my trip there and also catch up with the contests I missed :1

Went to Bangkok since Wednesday morning, flew with Air Asia. Am enjoying the holidays so far ever since finals finished! :)

Siyah soon!

Video of the Week: Santa Baby - Clara C

Christmas is coming!

Video of the Week: Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble Music Video

Those who still refer Taylor Swift as country singer should be stoned already.
Country what? Pop already. :1

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Movie Review

Fun Fact: The Hobbit is the first feature film shot in 48fps (instead of the usual 24fps).

When the trailer came out a year ago, The Hobbit became the hot topic especially among fans of Lord of the Rings (LotR). Everyone's excited to see what Peter Jackson has got to offer us again. To be honest, I can't remember a lot of details of what was in the LotR trilogy because I was too young to understand but I remember being a fan of Elijah Wood and Legolas (Orlando Bloom). Haha, and I remember I couldn't stand how ugly Orcs were. :1 And also was afraid of Gollum. 
Now after the long wait - that torturing one year! - The Hobbit is now showing in cinemas. Watched it in GSC Mid Valley on Thursday with friends, the cinema was fully booked. I felt that the sound wasn't very good, not sure is it because of the sound distribution between the speakers. Some of the dialogues were a little soft.

Verdict: I'd rate 4/5 for this film. Peter Jackson does not disappoint. Martin Freema…

#FF - Biology

I was in pure science class in form 4 and form 5. I was placed in the 'supposed' best class. But true, my class was the best. Simply because we're awesome and my friends are top students (till now, hebats!)
You know what, I still keep my Biology buku nota till now despite me forgetting everything related to Biology...well, close to everything.

Lol, I realized I put my heart and soul into drawing diagrams and writing notes. 

The chapter I hate the most. Chromosomes -_- Till today I'm still a blur. It's a miracle how I passed this subject AHAHA.

I really need this handwriting back. :(

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale 2012 at Mines MIECC

scanned this image from a flyer lol
Went to the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale at Mines Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) last Saturday with my mum and sister. The sale was massive since it started on 7th December and last weekend, the sale was on for 63 hours (yes, the sale was opened the whole time for 3 consecutive days!)

So we left our house about 7.15pm and only stepped into the MIECC hall at 8.45pm :( The traffic was horrible. Actually, not really. It was raining, so naturally all the cars slow down quite a fair bit but the queue to get into the Mines Resort City's car park took us about 30-45 minutes. *facepalm* I mean, we were literally outside Mines Shopping Mall. What's mind boggling was that there were plenty of parking space that time, so I'm not sure what's all the fuss about. Urgh. Thankfully it was opened for 63 hours straight otherwise if it was the normal operating hours - till 9pm - Imma go home and cry.

The parking area is a li…

Short Film - Amy (Stop Child Abuse)

Note: Remember to change the quality and watch in HD!  One of the assignments this semester was to come out with a short film and it will be screened during film class. My group had a few ideas in the initial part (one including filming like pool party LOL!) but in the end, came out with this idea. I had no contributions to storyline but obviously the people (my awesome groupmates) had brilliant minds.
Comedy is one of the most difficult videos to make and we wanted to make a video that is more 'serious' and issues that is close at home.. something with more depth and meaningful. Between the final 2 ideas divorce and child abuse, we settled for the latter.
Honestly speaking, I think I gave the least contribution :( I'm so sorry guys. Friends spent quite a long time editing and editing. *Pat pat* Well done guys! Lecturer liked our video so..yay!
P/S: Video was not done professionally. We know the flaws - can improve on angles, composition, the sound, the lighting and camera…

Video of the Week: Mariah Carey, Jimmy Fallon - All I Want For Christmas is You

Mariah Carey still has got it!

#FF - Chess as Hobby

I like playing chess. I used to love playing chess. I can go to and play blitz chess all day long. But that was few years ago.

The only medal I got for playing chess. LOL! In all of my schooling life, the club I joined for sports is chess (if chess is considered sports in the first place :P). This was a team event back in Form 5. Grouped with a couple of my friends and play as a team. I was the only girl in the team :( It's sad to say that most of my friends (girls), do not know how to play chess, so most of the time I don't have teman.
I remember when I was in Mutiara, I was forced to go attend koko and I can't miss a single session (because the school locked the gate -_-l oppression, I tell you but that's another story). So in form 2, I was secretary for chess club. Ohhh. I don't usually get jawatans in clubs so I was pretty my teacher chose me (LOL suka jadi teacher's pet last time). I had to do report, take attendance and all that stuffs. I thin…

What is FongFeiKei... And Selling Tickets via Instyx!

FongFeiKei, FFK. In Cantonese,'fongfeikei' means an act that betrays or break a promise/deal made with another party. (Paraphrased from

Well, sometimes I have extra tickets or most of the time, I have tickets but I cannot make it to the events because of certain circumstances. Once, I've even won meet and greet with Simple Plan but in the end I couldn't go because I had something important to do and had to let go the chance. *cries non-stop*
So, how do I "get rid" of the tickets and not let it go to waste? Sometimes I give it out, sometimes I want to sell it. My friend introduced me to @fongfeikei earlier this year and boy, was it good. FongFeiKei is a service that basically helps users find or sell tickets using twitter (now with more than 5500 followers). 
I've sold most of my tickets with the help of @fongfeikei and their service is -FREE! Does this word entice you? Haha. Just recently, FongFeiKei launched a new site - FFK 2.0, now …

Video of the Week: Song of the Caged Bird - Lindsey Stirling

Seriously, Lindsey is THE bomb.