FongFeiKei, FFK.
In Cantonese,'fongfeikei' means an act that betrays or break a promise/deal made with another party. (Paraphrased from


Well, sometimes I have extra tickets or most of the time, I have tickets but I cannot make it to the events because of certain circumstances. Once, I've even won meet and greet with Simple Plan but in the end I couldn't go because I had something important to do and had to let go the chance. *cries non-stop*

So, how do I "get rid" of the tickets and not let it go to waste? Sometimes I give it out, sometimes I want to sell it. My friend introduced me to @fongfeikei earlier this year and boy, was it good. FongFeiKei is a service that basically helps users find or sell tickets using twitter (now with more than 5500 followers). 

I've sold most of my tickets with the help of @fongfeikei and their service is - FREE! Does this word entice you? Haha. Just recently, FongFeiKei launched a new site - FFK 2.0, now known as Insytx.

Taken from Insytx website

In 2011, there was a service called, or @FongFeiKei on Twitter, that was responsible for bringing together thousands of people, who traded tens of thousands of bucks worth of tickets. Users eagerly threw their tickets around knowing that somehow, somewhere, someone was eagerly waiting for it. It's spontaneous, last-minute, fun, and super-engaging. And the tickets were usually cheaper than original price (or even free).

YAH! FFK/Instyx also lets know you about the latest upcoming events and giveaways as companies or users would also engage with them when they have extra tickets to let go for free!

So, if you have a ticket (any kind - movies, concerts, roadshows, showcase, musical - you name it) you can always use Insytx to sell it away, even at the very last minute. And if you're looking to buy cheap tickets, Instyx is also the best place for you to look at! :D

I, myself have been using FFK the whole year now and I must say, the people behind it are genius (for coming up with a service like this) and very helpful and kind :) LOL, and I even made friends because I met with my ticket buyers and such :P

We know Malaysians have this unhealthy culture of FFK and sometimes you just have to deal with it with Instyx :P