Note: Remember to change the quality and watch in HD! 
One of the assignments this semester was to come out with a short film and it will be screened during film class. My group had a few ideas in the initial part (one including filming like pool party LOL!) but in the end, came out with this idea. I had no contributions to storyline but obviously the people (my awesome groupmates) had brilliant minds.

Comedy is one of the most difficult videos to make and we wanted to make a video that is more 'serious' and issues that is close at home.. something with more depth and meaningful. Between the final 2 ideas divorce and child abuse, we settled for the latter.

Honestly speaking, I think I gave the least contribution :( I'm so sorry guys. Friends spent quite a long time editing and editing. *Pat pat* Well done guys! Lecturer liked our video so..yay!

P/S: Video was not done professionally. We know the flaws - can improve on angles, composition, the sound, the lighting and camera quality difference. Hope there's a next time for us to improve :)