I like playing chess. I used to love playing chess. I can go to uchess.com and play blitz chess all day long. But that was few years ago.

The only medal I got for playing chess. LOL! In all of my schooling life, the club I joined for sports is chess (if chess is considered sports in the first place :P). This was a team event back in Form 5. Grouped with a couple of my friends and play as a team. I was the only girl in the team :( It's sad to say that most of my friends (girls), do not know how to play chess, so most of the time I don't have teman.

I remember when I was in Mutiara, I was forced to go attend koko and I can't miss a single session (because the school locked the gate -_-l oppression, I tell you but that's another story). So in form 2, I was secretary for chess club. Ohhh. I don't usually get jawatans in clubs so I was pretty my teacher chose me (LOL suka jadi teacher's pet last time). I had to do report, take attendance and all that stuffs. I think I'm pretty good with admin stuff sometimes. Ohoho. 

Image from: MSSKL chess blog 

I was sent to represent Mutiara to participate in MSSKL and it was my first time participating in chess competitions out of school. Hah, little did I know, I got into top 10. LOL :D But I went back empty handed. Teacher promised me to give me a certificate but the certificate never came :(

So then when I went to Cochrane, I still attended chess club in form 3. After form 3... hahaha. No more. Don't attend any koko in fact. Ohoho. One of the reason is because I got bored, no one to play with. A lot of students join chess because this club is so laid back and sadly, most of these students don't know how to play chess either. Funny how the secretary and even vice president do not know how to move a chess piece. :1

Nowadays, I rarely play chess anymore because... it's very time consuming if I really wanted to play properly with another opponent LOL. Take time to think, take time to strategize. So it's a past hobby now. So do you have any hobby that you once love but don't find yourself playing or doing that anymore?