Tuk-Tuk(s) can be found easily in Bangkok. Tuk-Tuk is usually more expensive to ride as compared to taxis. If you want to try Tuk-Tuk for the experience, try riding with a maximum of 2 passengers for comfort. Also, if you cannot stand dust or smoke, riding Tuk-Tuk once would be enough.

Some Tuk-Tuk drivers would simply give you a price to ride, quickly decline if it's too expensive - they're trying to take advantage of you. Usually they would charge about RM15 - RM 30 per Tuk-Tuk doesn't matter how many people are gonna ride on it. Depending on whether you are desperate or willing to wait, you can go for it :)

Colourful taxis in Bangkok, this, you cannot miss. Most of their taxis are in good condition, unlike the ones in Malaysia. However, get prepared to get ripped off because you're a tourist. Back in 2008, we had no difficulties getting a cab and the ride only cost us about RM3-5. But since back then, we stayed in Baiyoke Sky Hotel, it was easier for us to walk around and we only took taxi once of twice.

This time, we stayed in Holiday Inn Express (nearest to MBK, about 5-10 minutes walk) and the others are much further so we took taxi wherever we want to go. Taxi drivers refused to use the meter and charge us 150baht (RM15) for a 5-10 minutes distance when travelled by car. If they were to use meter, it could probably cost us about RM5-RM8. Some try to mengada-ngada and offered us 250baht (RM20). Decline. During rush hour, the chances of getting a metered taxi is difficult as most likely the drivers had ganged up already. :( So we had to become the victims of these taxi drivers. Urgh. But since there's like 4-6 of us in a taxi, I guess it's still ok? :1

Maybe we should just take a bus. :3