scanned this image from a flyer lol

Went to the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale at Mines Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) last Saturday with my mum and sister. The sale was massive since it started on 7th December and last weekend, the sale was on for 63 hours (yes, the sale was opened the whole time for 3 consecutive days!)

So we left our house about 7.15pm and only stepped into the MIECC hall at 8.45pm :( The traffic was horrible. Actually, not really. It was raining, so naturally all the cars slow down quite a fair bit but the queue to get into the Mines Resort City's car park took us about 30-45 minutes. *facepalm* I mean, we were literally outside Mines Shopping Mall. What's mind boggling was that there were plenty of parking space that time, so I'm not sure what's all the fuss about. Urgh. Thankfully it was opened for 63 hours straight otherwise if it was the normal operating hours - till 9pm - Imma go home and cry.

The parking area is a little dodgy so I suggest to go in groups, especially for women. Climbed a flight of stairs, took the escalator and then the hall was there infront of us. When we reached, the hall was occupied, but not crowded. Funny thing is, the hall became more and more crowded as time goes..I guess everyone thought the best time to come is during midnight but no, midnight is the worst time to go (super crowded).

There were just too many books around and the before and after reflects on the people who went for the sale. Those poor books.. simply dumped by ungrateful Malaysians -_-l You know, I realized those who contribute to the messy pile would probably those who are kiasu and took stacks and stacks of books but in the end, sat one corner and try to 'eliminate' which books they don't want and left it there. -_______-; PLEASE LA. ONLY TAKE WHAT YOU SURE YOU ARE TO BUY. :( 

Also pity those people working at the sale. Didn't spot any lalazai or lalamui working there though. *clears throat* Service was good. Especially those at the counter were helpful. :)

My loot! Thanks mama for sponsoring. All of them cost only RM8 each! (Plus another 5 percent discount because mama has OCBC credit card :D). That's cheaper than BookXcess (usually about RM10- RM20) and definitely cheaper than MPH Warehouse sale price (usually RM24 -.-). Okay, you may argue that I'm buying more than what I read but the fact is, I have the capability of skimming, so I'm able to read something very quickly. Yeah, so I bought 4 Jodi Picoult books and 6 James Patterson books :D I've been reading their works for a few years now. Read one of Jeffrey Eugenides' work before this too, so I got another of his book too.

It's difficult to find the books you want T_T In the first 1 hour, I was browsing through the whole fiction area (lane by lane) and was trying to find books by Jodi Picoult and James Patterson. James Patterson's books were in random places. I found one random copy of Mary, Mary in a random box left by someone else (simply throw books lah!).. and one last copy of Cat and Mouse in another random place -_-; So I didn't get to choose a better condition copy. Boohoo. So at 9 something, I thought I had enough, 7 books were enough, but then my sis was not done yet so I went back to the fiction section again and started skimming again. 

And then.. I found a stash of Jodi Picoult books lying on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy books table. I was like WHUT. Quickly grabbed the different titles and added into the pile I want to buy. :P It wasn't there before so I guess the people working must have just put them back on the table T_T.. so glad I found the books I want..

On the other hand, I wanted to get some photography magazines also but it seems that there were none, a tad disappointed ._____.;;

Bought this wacky pins for RM10. LOL

So, the book sale is still running till 23rd December, plenty of time for you to get part of the 3 million books on sale. They've restocked their books. I'm not sure if it means that new titles are placed out or they are just replenishing the titles that were already there. Either way, if you are not looking for overly new books (like titles released this year), you can try finding them at this book sale :)

Map to the venue. Scanned this from the flyer :P

Center of attraction outside the hall..

Of course lah, it's a lamborghini... :P 
And you should see the number of handprints on the car >_>..


BIG BAD WOLF BOOKS are opening for 60 hours straight this weekend AGAIN! 3 hours less than last weekend but yeah. 

Date: 7th to 23rd December 2012
Time: 9am to 9pm (and 9am 14 Dec to 9pm 16 Dec for the 60 hours straight sale!)
Venue: MINES Convention Centre (MIECC)

  Gonna get them books? ;)