Fun Fact: The Hobbit is the first feature film shot in 48fps (instead of the usual 24fps).

When the trailer came out a year ago, The Hobbit became the hot topic especially among fans of Lord of the Rings (LotR). Everyone's excited to see what Peter Jackson has got to offer us again. To be honest, I can't remember a lot of details of what was in the LotR trilogy because I was too young to understand but I remember being a fan of Elijah Wood and Legolas (Orlando Bloom). Haha, and I remember I couldn't stand how ugly Orcs were. :1 And also was afraid of Gollum

Now after the long wait - that torturing one year! - The Hobbit is now showing in cinemas. Watched it in GSC Mid Valley on Thursday with friends, the cinema was fully booked. I felt that the sound wasn't very good, not sure is it because of the sound distribution between the speakers. Some of the dialogues were a little soft.

Verdict: I'd rate 4/5 for this film. Peter Jackson does not disappoint. Martin Freeman was indeed the 'perfect' Bilbo Baggins although I thought in some scenes he was a little missing from the picture. I'd probably give 4.5 if there was an epic battle in this film. Also deducted 0.5 points because some parts of the film looked like animation. As this film is based on the book itself, we can see how Peter Jackson tried to follow and include as many details as possible. I think The Hobbit or LotR book readers would enjoy this thoroughly while normal movie critiques would think that this film is too draggy.


The most touching scene I think would be when Thorin hugged Bilbo towards the end of the movie and when Bilbo said:

I know you doubt me. I know you always have. I often think of Bag End. That's where I belong. That's home. You don't have one. It was taken from you, but I will help you get it back if I can.

And jeez, the Goblin King is tad useless. Defeated by Gandalf easily, one strike on the stomach and down he goes.

The Hobbit (the book) introduces us to one of the important characters, Gollum and he plays an important role in the sequel, LotR. I think Gollum's character is so important that he had promotional posters of his own. And I've seen more billboards with Gollum inside than with Bilbo. Gollum is seriously one of the most disturbed characters I've ever seen in films. It's also because Andy Serkis played the role well. I cannot stand Gollum when I watched LotR when I was younger, but I can tolerate it now. Lol. 

Watching this movie had raised my respect for J. R. R. Tolkien - his genius mind, creating a whole new fantasy world like Middle Earth. Not forgetting Peter Jackson for making the imagination into visual for everyone to enjoy. Sure, The Hobbit is currently being criticised by many because from 1 film it's made into a trilogy (money making eh). I honestly don't mind watching a trilogy of The Hobbit. The only problem is the long wait. Also, it makes more sense so that Peter Jackson could include more details into the film and also the journey seems more realistic. Imagine, the long journey to Lonely Mountain and battles are shortened into one film only! Aiseh, tak boleh ni. I support you Peter Jackson. Now go win some Oscars :)