I'm A Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

Note : You may need a pirate dictionary for this post :P

Ahoy!! Greetin' I brin' t' you, I be Captain Ruxyn. Captain Jack Sparrow be hit t' big screens in on May 19th, and I be proud t' be a pirate for t' time bein'. So let me share with you, best three thin's o' bein' a pirate is ...

1) Partyin' be normal thin'

it be okay t' poker everyday

it be okay t' drink everyday 

and it's a nice settin' t' party everyday

me be happy everyday

2) Full o' treaayes, food and has a mighty ship t' own, plus much explorin' (translation: full of treasures, food and a have a mighty ship to own, plus much exploring)

best ship you've seen, aye? 

and all t' treaayes be mine shared with me crew

me can enjoy t' best food everyday

me can explorin' many places and find more treaayes

me use many weapon's so macho and cool

3) Life be good with buckos and beautys, t' crew be good (translation : Life is good with friends and partners, the crew is good)

groomin' be important as a pirate, face paintin' services be provided

do stupid and funny thin's together

play games together

And together, a happy family be formed : I love me crew 

And me gonna meet up with Cap'n Jack Sparrow soon, hopefully at Mid Valley on May 16th. 

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

me arr' waitin' to see him, pretty please Nuffnang :)

Crepe Cakes in KL? Nadeje in Malacca

Crepe cakes are getting becoming people's first choice for cakes nowadays. The first time I ate a crepe cake was back in December during YPF retreat where Michelle brought us to try out Nadeje because it was famous in Malacca. They sold a variety of crepe cakes and I manage to try out three flavours. Chocolate, original and green tea.

I must say, I am really fascinated with the details of crepe cakes, I like to peel one layer by one layer and eat them slowly. Hehe. Crepe cakes are best eaten immediately when served, otherwise the cream melts kinda quickly. The crepe cakes are very very nice. It's not too sweat and the texture is something different. The flavour appeals very much and the cream is great. I like them, particularly the original one. Everyone should try this :D

Anyone fancy a hot chocolate drink? Slurrrrp.

Lotteria or known as "McDonalds" in Malaysia

Lotteria! The last time I went to Korea (that's like four months ago, so fast!), we managed to try out Lotteria, twice :P The first time I went there, I don't remember seeing Lotteria at all. Maybe it's just that I don't remember. What is Lotteria? Apparently, Lotteria is a fast-food chain famous in countries like Korea and Taiwan. Personally, I like Lotteria a lot, as a fast food chain because of their menu. Maybe it's just that I got bored of McDonald's. Geez.

Well, thank God they have menu in English although the some of the menu end up being "Hanwoo Bulgogi" or "Red & White", which we have no idea what's that. Other than that, the menu's pretty clear about what they sell. Like McDonalds, they also sell in a'la carte or in sets. 

Because I forgot what exactly we ordered, I'll just roughly describe what was it. Lotteria has shrimp burgers which happen to be good, since we don't really have any shrimp burgers around. Their "McChicken" was awesome, a very very very tender meat. Bulgogi, by the guess of it should be a beef burger. It was awesome too. All the burgers have very tender texture making it more awesome than ever coz you can't find them in Malaysia.

Sigh. I miss Lotteria. :(

Update #10 - First assignment

Yeah, fourth week into college already. The proper lectures started last week and into the second week, I'm greeted with my very first assignment in college. Well, I'm finally picking up the momentum of "living a college life". I felt nothing different in particular, but truly miss my high school friends. Miss talking to them, miss the feeling of "having friends". College is alright, I enjoy the lectures and like the lecturers. Except for Malaysian studies of course, I mean the lecturer is okay but maybe it's the syllabus.

No doubt, whatever that people writes, they want the content to bring out a certain message, probably most of what they think plus facts. But what I see in Malaysian history books is that we always are the goodies and label others as the bad guys. Incomplete facts with biased statements. And the fact that racism ain't nice and, it is in fact happening around the whole wide world, not only in Malaysia, but does that make racism actually okay? Often we compare, and we say that we should be grateful that we're not facing hardcore racism/poverty for example, but does that means we must continue to live in that kind of state where ignorance is bliss? No. To certain extent, it can be tolerated, but to openly discriminate others is wrong and I believe when there is a need to speak up, we really need to. Enough about that. Hahaha.

As life continues on daily, it's so easy to forget how life is not just about us, ourselves. And we forget the little things that we need to thank God for. Safety: driving in and out, travelling around even just walking or being inside the house; anything can happen and thank God that He has kept me safe. Thank God for all the little things He has done for me - keeping my family safe, I have enough food to eat, I can go to college to study, etc etc. Life is not always happy and blissful but yeah, be thankful. :)

Delicious (Cafe), Mid Valley Megamall

This was way overdue, more than a month ago. :x Went to Mid Valley to have dinner although there wasn't any occasion. Since it's one month ago, I forgot what exactly we ordered but it's pasta - spaghetti carbonara, burger, a pie and also chicken chop.

Well we didn't order any drinks, just drank sky juices. Okay, plain water. So what? :P Save money on the drinks, cause it's kinda pricy. o_o And yea, we share share on the food xD.

I rike the spaghetti. Itz so nais-es one. I like how the cheesy ain't too much, not the kind that would make you puke after you've eaten. Can even 'drink' the cheese. Hehe.

Mum's pie. I forgot what issit =3. But nice lurh. 

Dad's chicken chop is like humongous. Your typical fried chicken chop with sauce. Nothing special about it. I don't really fancy coz don't really like the flour they used to fry it. =/ However, serving is humongous, like I said. There's like two big piece of chicken meat for one portion. Very good for the price at least. Hah.

Ohh, I ordered this, burgerrrr. Very the nicest one. But I can't finish also. In the end, stuffed myself again. 


Make Me a Belieber, Tune Talk!

If you don't know what's a Belieber then you're for sure not a Belieber! :P

Justin Bieber is coming to Malaysia and I wanna go for his concert to see him! O_O and Tune Talk and Nuffnang is giving me the chance to do so x)

I've actually won tickets to watch Bieber's Never Say Never for free all thanks to Tune Talk. Want to know how to win Bieber tickets? Just head on to their facebook page to know more! Click here : (link)

Well, three things I would do to prove I'm a Belieber. 

1) Listen to all his songs. Yea, I actually done that. Searching his songs on youtube, even the songs that he sang before he became famous. Oh, and did you notice he plays the guitar with LEFT HAND? Awesome max. And watch this video of him. O_O amazing.

2) STALKING. To put it nicely it will be 'getting updates about him from many sources'. Well, stalking in a good way I guess? :P

3) Search on google "WIN TICKETS TO JUSTIN BIEBER CONCERT" and enter every competition available till I win one! :D Every day is a new chance to see him!!!

I WANT TO SEE HIM LIVEEEE. Don't you want to join me? :)
Please say yes otherwise I'll sing this to you!

Let me tell you what you're missing, Justin Bieber
Seeing him singing, live, you'll think you're dreaming
Tell me you wanna see him there
See him live! I can see right through ya.
*eenie meenie tune*

See you there! *hopefully I will be there*

Food: Restaurant Tak Fok Desa Aman Puri, Kepong

Mum read about this restaurant on some blogs and wanted to go try as there's good reviews about this restaurant. Thing is, it's at Kepong so farrrr away and it's not a place of familiarity. So we got lost, thanks to the misleading signboards and the lack of signboards in some areas because we were actually at the right place already -_-' but instead we thought we bumped into the wrong place because there wasn't any signboard around. Pfftttttt. So we wasted about 30 mins or more T_T.

Well, so we reached at almost 7.45pm like that and the restaurant was packed already but of course there's always people leaving. So don't really need to queue. It was a little messy though, coz the worker took our orders before we are seated. But anyway, there is two sections I supposed. Indoor and outdoor. We sat indoor, coz got aircon. :P More comfy also. :D

Tak Fok has this system where you need to order 3 other dishes besides crab in order to get a cheaper price for the crab. So we ordered marmite pork, veggie and butter prawns and lala - which didn't arrive coz apparently the worker didn't write it down -.-''' See, I told ya, a bit messy.

Another disappointment for the day was that they limit the number of crabs to customers coz they got lack of crabs. :( So five people maximum 1.5kg only. Sobs.

So....they took about 40 minutes like that or more before our first dish came, by then of course we're like super hungry already. Then to our horror, they served us 0.5kg of crab only what the -_-'' Soooo, yea asked them then they helped us to check.. =.='' So took another 15 minutes like that before our crab finally came in correct amount 1.5kg.

Okay la, a hungry man is an angry man. So when we were full already, satisfied. The dishes are really nice though. The crab's just awesome. Very meaty and tasty. Oh by the way, that's their famous butter and cheese crab. Awesome max.

Sigh, but will go there another time and earlier so that we can avoid those unnecessary hassle caused by their management x) Less people, less mess.

Anyway, it's kinda hard for Cheras people to get there I understand. So some directions on how to go to Tak Fok from Cheras :

1) Exit Damansara-Kepong toll towards Kepong.
2) Keep left and you will come to an intersection. There's an orange building, but I forgot the name :x
3) Go straight up the hill and you will see a traffic light. You will see a signboard showing that you are heading to Rawang if you turn left. Ignore that, just turn left. Lol.
4) After turning left, go straight all the way until you see Shell petrol station on your left. Turn left.
5) Go straight up a slight hill then and you can see a lot of shops on your right.
6) Tak Fok is the second from the corner shop, a big hawker centre.

Update #9 - Encouraged

In relation to this post : About what I got for BK in SPM and my thoughts about it (link)

Last week, Ms. Moey emailed all the SPM 2010 in her class to ask about their results. And I happen to be in the list, uh oh. I didn't really want to tell her my results as it wasn't good but now, I'm forced to tell her hahahaa. So anyway, I told her my results for all subjects in SPM as she requested and what I was currently doing. And of course, told her how much I really enjoyed BK and apologized =/ And this was what she replied me.

Such an encouragement!!! The first para just brought me into leaping heights. I mean, that coming from my BK teacher, who's known to be very strict in marking and examining. Absolutely happy and above all, very encouraged by her words. :) And remark!! I've actually considered remarking. Wanted to do that. As I said, I really had put in lotsa efforts to do well. And well, I guess though it's not paid in the examination but it paid off as a Christian. I truly have learnt soooo soooooo much in her classes. Thank you, Ms. Moey!


Update #8 - Roses

Every time I see a rose, I'm reminded of the song 

"Like a rose, trampled on the ground. He took the fall and thought of me, above all"