Crepe cakes are getting becoming people's first choice for cakes nowadays. The first time I ate a crepe cake was back in December during YPF retreat where Michelle brought us to try out Nadeje because it was famous in Malacca. They sold a variety of crepe cakes and I manage to try out three flavours. Chocolate, original and green tea.

I must say, I am really fascinated with the details of crepe cakes, I like to peel one layer by one layer and eat them slowly. Hehe. Crepe cakes are best eaten immediately when served, otherwise the cream melts kinda quickly. The crepe cakes are very very nice. It's not too sweat and the texture is something different. The flavour appeals very much and the cream is great. I like them, particularly the original one. Everyone should try this :D

Anyone fancy a hot chocolate drink? Slurrrrp.