This was way overdue, more than a month ago. :x Went to Mid Valley to have dinner although there wasn't any occasion. Since it's one month ago, I forgot what exactly we ordered but it's pasta - spaghetti carbonara, burger, a pie and also chicken chop.

Well we didn't order any drinks, just drank sky juices. Okay, plain water. So what? :P Save money on the drinks, cause it's kinda pricy. o_o And yea, we share share on the food xD.

I rike the spaghetti. Itz so nais-es one. I like how the cheesy ain't too much, not the kind that would make you puke after you've eaten. Can even 'drink' the cheese. Hehe.

Mum's pie. I forgot what issit =3. But nice lurh. 

Dad's chicken chop is like humongous. Your typical fried chicken chop with sauce. Nothing special about it. I don't really fancy coz don't really like the flour they used to fry it. =/ However, serving is humongous, like I said. There's like two big piece of chicken meat for one portion. Very good for the price at least. Hah.

Ohh, I ordered this, burgerrrr. Very the nicest one. But I can't finish also. In the end, stuffed myself again.