Yeah, fourth week into college already. The proper lectures started last week and into the second week, I'm greeted with my very first assignment in college. Well, I'm finally picking up the momentum of "living a college life". I felt nothing different in particular, but truly miss my high school friends. Miss talking to them, miss the feeling of "having friends". College is alright, I enjoy the lectures and like the lecturers. Except for Malaysian studies of course, I mean the lecturer is okay but maybe it's the syllabus.

No doubt, whatever that people writes, they want the content to bring out a certain message, probably most of what they think plus facts. But what I see in Malaysian history books is that we always are the goodies and label others as the bad guys. Incomplete facts with biased statements. And the fact that racism ain't nice and, it is in fact happening around the whole wide world, not only in Malaysia, but does that make racism actually okay? Often we compare, and we say that we should be grateful that we're not facing hardcore racism/poverty for example, but does that means we must continue to live in that kind of state where ignorance is bliss? No. To certain extent, it can be tolerated, but to openly discriminate others is wrong and I believe when there is a need to speak up, we really need to. Enough about that. Hahaha.

As life continues on daily, it's so easy to forget how life is not just about us, ourselves. And we forget the little things that we need to thank God for. Safety: driving in and out, travelling around even just walking or being inside the house; anything can happen and thank God that He has kept me safe. Thank God for all the little things He has done for me - keeping my family safe, I have enough food to eat, I can go to college to study, etc etc. Life is not always happy and blissful but yeah, be thankful. :)