Lotteria! The last time I went to Korea (that's like four months ago, so fast!), we managed to try out Lotteria, twice :P The first time I went there, I don't remember seeing Lotteria at all. Maybe it's just that I don't remember. What is Lotteria? Apparently, Lotteria is a fast-food chain famous in countries like Korea and Taiwan. Personally, I like Lotteria a lot, as a fast food chain because of their menu. Maybe it's just that I got bored of McDonald's. Geez.

Well, thank God they have menu in English although the some of the menu end up being "Hanwoo Bulgogi" or "Red & White", which we have no idea what's that. Other than that, the menu's pretty clear about what they sell. Like McDonalds, they also sell in a'la carte or in sets. 

Because I forgot what exactly we ordered, I'll just roughly describe what was it. Lotteria has shrimp burgers which happen to be good, since we don't really have any shrimp burgers around. Their "McChicken" was awesome, a very very very tender meat. Bulgogi, by the guess of it should be a beef burger. It was awesome too. All the burgers have very tender texture making it more awesome than ever coz you can't find them in Malaysia.

Sigh. I miss Lotteria. :(