Mum read about this restaurant on some blogs and wanted to go try as there's good reviews about this restaurant. Thing is, it's at Kepong so farrrr away and it's not a place of familiarity. So we got lost, thanks to the misleading signboards and the lack of signboards in some areas because we were actually at the right place already -_-' but instead we thought we bumped into the wrong place because there wasn't any signboard around. Pfftttttt. So we wasted about 30 mins or more T_T.

Well, so we reached at almost 7.45pm like that and the restaurant was packed already but of course there's always people leaving. So don't really need to queue. It was a little messy though, coz the worker took our orders before we are seated. But anyway, there is two sections I supposed. Indoor and outdoor. We sat indoor, coz got aircon. :P More comfy also. :D

Tak Fok has this system where you need to order 3 other dishes besides crab in order to get a cheaper price for the crab. So we ordered marmite pork, veggie and butter prawns and lala - which didn't arrive coz apparently the worker didn't write it down -.-''' See, I told ya, a bit messy.

Another disappointment for the day was that they limit the number of crabs to customers coz they got lack of crabs. :( So five people maximum 1.5kg only. Sobs.

So....they took about 40 minutes like that or more before our first dish came, by then of course we're like super hungry already. Then to our horror, they served us 0.5kg of crab only what the -_-'' Soooo, yea asked them then they helped us to check.. =.='' So took another 15 minutes like that before our crab finally came in correct amount 1.5kg.

Okay la, a hungry man is an angry man. So when we were full already, satisfied. The dishes are really nice though. The crab's just awesome. Very meaty and tasty. Oh by the way, that's their famous butter and cheese crab. Awesome max.

Sigh, but will go there another time and earlier so that we can avoid those unnecessary hassle caused by their management x) Less people, less mess.

Anyway, it's kinda hard for Cheras people to get there I understand. So some directions on how to go to Tak Fok from Cheras :

1) Exit Damansara-Kepong toll towards Kepong.
2) Keep left and you will come to an intersection. There's an orange building, but I forgot the name :x
3) Go straight up the hill and you will see a traffic light. You will see a signboard showing that you are heading to Rawang if you turn left. Ignore that, just turn left. Lol.
4) After turning left, go straight all the way until you see Shell petrol station on your left. Turn left.
5) Go straight up a slight hill then and you can see a lot of shops on your right.
6) Tak Fok is the second from the corner shop, a big hawker centre.