If you don't know what's a Belieber then you're for sure not a Belieber! :P

Justin Bieber is coming to Malaysia and I wanna go for his concert to see him! O_O and Tune Talk and Nuffnang is giving me the chance to do so x)

I've actually won tickets to watch Bieber's Never Say Never for free all thanks to Tune Talk. Want to know how to win Bieber tickets? Just head on to their facebook page to know more! Click here : (link)

Well, three things I would do to prove I'm a Belieber. 

1) Listen to all his songs. Yea, I actually done that. Searching his songs on youtube, even the songs that he sang before he became famous. Oh, and did you notice he plays the guitar with LEFT HAND? Awesome max. And watch this video of him. O_O amazing.

2) STALKING. To put it nicely it will be 'getting updates about him from many sources'. Well, stalking in a good way I guess? :P

3) Search on google "WIN TICKETS TO JUSTIN BIEBER CONCERT" and enter every competition available till I win one! :D Every day is a new chance to see him!!!

I WANT TO SEE HIM LIVEEEE. Don't you want to join me? :)
Please say yes otherwise I'll sing this to you!

Let me tell you what you're missing, Justin Bieber
Seeing him singing, live, you'll think you're dreaming
Tell me you wanna see him there
See him live! I can see right through ya.
*eenie meenie tune*

See you there! *hopefully I will be there*