I hate racism. 1Malaysia, please.

If you've been reading the newspapers or luring around the net, you've probably came to know about the recent issue of a pengetua cemerlang from Johor who made several racist comments during assembly.

1) I'm not sure what's the real thing happening but there's political parties involved in this issue. This ain't gonna be easy and things are gonna get complicated.

2) Different people have argued that the reports on the newspapers are false and true. On my side, I believe that no matter if she's dianiaya or whatsoever, she's held responsible if she did made racist remarks, and especially infront of students, in the public.

3) It's sad to see so many racist comments at the facebook pages, be it Malays, Chinese or Indians. Chinese and Indians are obviously very furious at the moment, getting emotional calling names and uttering a lot of vulgar. Some brought up a whole lot of other issues : Vernacular schools being a total crap, that students that goes to SMK(s) later are a nuisance, and a whole lot of other stuffs...Certain people has also gone back to calling Chinese and Indians pendatang, some asking/demanding us to go back to "where we belong". But they don't they see this? Every schooling day, students will sing "Negaraku, Tanah tumpahnya darahku". And the song goes on.."Rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju". Are we really united and moving forward?

4) Sure, I'm just a 17 year old, and issues like this are really non of my business. Why should I care? It doesn't matter anyway. But I'm a Malaysian, and in few years time I can vote for people that I think is worthy to lead the country. We always complain, yet we do not exercise the power that we have in our hands.

5) I'm all in for 1Malaysia, and we already have enough racism going on in this country. And Merdeka is just around the corner. For goodness sake, grow up!


It's been awhile :)

Pasar/Bazaar Ramadhan

One of the bestest thing during the puasa month is the bazaar ramadhan :) It's a time to find all nice malay food in a place, all at once. Talk about convenience. Among the favourites :D

Ayam percik

I know..the carbon and oil looks awful. But just once in awhile mah..exceptions can be made 8)

"McD Prosperity Burger" ala Melayu xD.
RM4 only. Tastes good :)

Roti jala!

Tepung pelita.. :D

Lol. karis x_x 
The top one is ayam percik's one..tastes like satay sauce..the other one is the roti jala one :D

I love food. Heh.

Mamee Sllrrrp 6#

It was about a week ago, my friend was at my house for something. Well, we were a bit hungry later on and my sister cooked Mamee Sllrrrp for us :P Well, now that he have tried it, he likes it very much just like I do XD

Then, my friends kept asking me what's with this Mamee Sllrrrp craze? And they kept saying I will go bald and all -_-; But nah, who ask you to eat excessively? @@ Eat appropriately lah :D

Well, wait till I have the chance to invite more people to my house so that they can try Mamee Sllrrrp, THEN they will stop insulting me and beg for more! :3 MUAHAHAHA

Anyway, I bought the Kari Berapi flavour :x honestly, it's not very berapi :D but, I like it coz I don't take spicy food x_x" So it's cool for me. I'd still prefer the chicken flavour though. Teehee.

:) After I finish this, I'm gonna buy the asam laksa. Hohoho. Mamee Sllrrrp! :D

"Fighting Umbrella Corporation"


The fourth installment of the hugely successful RESIDENT EVIL franchise, RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE is again based on the wildly popular video game series, and will this time be presented in 3-D. In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, ALICE (Milla Jovovich), continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety. Her deadly battle with the Umbrella Corporation reaches new heights, but Alice gets some unexpected help from an old friend. A new lead that promises a safe haven from the Undead takes them to Los Angeles, but when they arrive the city is overrun by thousands of Undead – and Alice and her comrades are about to step into a deadly trap.
If I am part of the movie, I'd choose to be Alice.
Yo, nothing that looks like Alice, in Alice in Wonderland (who is weak and sometimes very stupid). Alice in Resident Evil is, utterly sexy. Except I think she was attempting to do the "Angelina Jolie lips" thing and I don't kinda fancy it D:

Yeah, I would have pretty Claire to be my sidekick with my other comrades. Introducing to you..

The head of X-ing Corporation, Hairy Bearry.
Yes, that's him on his throne. X-ing Corporation has now been running for several years by Hairy Bearry. Why X-ing Corporation is because they used to create axes to ace and demolish other societies they hate. Usually they're hired but I so happen to be an  acquaintance of his, so therefore, he is offering me help to wipe out Umbrella Corporation
I don't know who in particular is underneath the costume, just like how you will never see Darth Vader's face. I've met with him several days ago to discuss my plans with him together with Claire. 
Few weeks ago, before many of mankind had turn into Undeads, I was playing with my friends, Rabbids on Wii. And I figured out an excellent idea from the annoying rabbits to combat Umbrella Corporation. 

*Aha! Light bulb moment*
Yes, I decided to use toilet plungers against the Undeads and the fellow members of the Umbrella Corporation. Yes, it may sound silly but plunger does wonders. I told my plans to Claire and she agreed. And so does Hairy Bearry.

See? These plungers looks like fire extinguishers LOL -__-;; 
Actually the plungers works two ways : as vaccines and also sucking out the T-virus from every living thing that is infected with the virus. It's light and easy to use, best of all it's indestructible since it's plastic. Hello, didn't you learn science? It takes ages for plastics to decompose :D

And oh, the plungers will also stick to every umbrellas detected. Umbrellas are fishy things...
And introducing my fellow comrades, rakan seperjuangku!
Yeah, that's what an army of Hairy Bearrys would look like, I mean x 10000000000000 more. I'm not supposed to be in the picture but I'll the join in the glamour(not by doing the Angelina Jolie thing) and fun since I'm part of the mastermind anyway XD

Hairy Bearry decided he want to join in the mission too and therefore the hat on top. You know, like those people tying a piece of cloth on their forehead for oommph! 

So..Hairy Bearry had gave the signal to start the mission by throwing the round circle of tablet into the pole of glory. Yeap, We're marching towards glory.

And so our mission begins, me as Alice together with my pretty assistant and friend, Claire. With my other comrades too, and Hairy Bearry as the supporter behind all these. March on victors! We're in for victory over the undeads! 

...*whispers* And we're still in search of survivors..if you're surviving. Runnn!!


Thanks for reading my post about Fighting Umbrella Corporation :D, it's kinda lame I know but it's all out of pure fun and lameness =_____=; I enjoyed posting :D 
Hope to win tickets to watch the movie in 3D and also win a Sony 16GB Video Walkman :)
Thanks, Nuffnang for the movie passes given to me before this too! :)

Dinner at Cilantro Culinary Academy

Went to Cilantro Culinary Academy last Tuesday with some other YPFers to support Joel. He was the chef of the day together with his partner, and he need to serve 60 people in order to complete his course or something.

This is served as soon you are seated.  This is what I call the "welcome bread", ate it plain but it tastes good. You will be ushered by the waiters there. Very well mannered.  

Appetizer : Stuffed Calamari and Spanich Mackarel served with Rolled Garden Crisp
Great appetizer indeed, good presentation of food. Portion is normal lah, for fine dining. A very healthy set of food. XD

Soup : Corn and Crab Chowder
It may be a bit diluted but good enough for me. Perhaps a bit more concentrated it'll be great! Ordinary presentation. Used real crab meat, and lotsa corns. Huge portion of soup for a fine dining!

Main Course : Chicken Galantine served with Homemade Rice Balls and Oyster Mushroom in Teriyaki Sauce
Main course! Portion of chicken is alright, since it's fine dining. Texture of the chicken is nice, I got a very nice part of the chicken, thigh if I got it right. The homemade rice balls is really good although it's like kecik miao but it smells and tastes of pandan, oh the freshness. Oyster mushroom is just normal, fresh. Good presentation of food yet again.

Dessert : Chocolate Mousse with Lemongrass Infused Panna Cotta served with Berries Swiss Roulade
Personally, I don't really fancy mousse and and disliked the lemongrass layer thingy. I'd prefer if they prepared chocolate cake instead, good enough XD The "berries swiss roulade" is like strawberries layer cake taste-like. But it was prepared well and good presentation, I just didn't like what it is. Hahaha. So, the dessert is just okay for me lah. :P

Coffee or tea? :)

I wanted to take the picture of the candle. Lester's expression on the background was as if he was complaining about the price, but he was actually trying to pronounce the words on the menu. :) The price was good for fine dining honestly, RM30 per pax.

Joel and a few of the guys. 
So proud to have a friend who is at the same age as me and is doing well in what he is interested in. Well, he didn't compromise his dreams with what the usual people will say about "studies being most important". I bet he will excel as a professional chef :)


I think that guys that game would really like her. Lol. Listen to the lyrics. Hahaha, although it's kinda lame.. but seriously guys would like love her really much. Lol

The Day After 13th

How was your Friday the 13th of the year?
I shall blog about my friend who cooked dinner at a restaurant soon :P
Stay tune!

Mamee Sllrrrp 5#

Back again, with my journey on Mamee Sllrrrp :P
Now on how it takes like! Obviously, it's great..

This is the first look of the end product, but wait..that's not the end. I made an extra effort to steam my fake abalone XD

...Took me less than 5 minutes but I made a mistake though, I should have steam it first. Nevertheless, the mee still tastes very very good. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee

Final look! Considered very healthy okay. I know, we all hate veggie. Me too, but just add in more nutrition XD

Muahahaha..right! I finished my stocks already, Imma go restock soon. Hmm, any suggestions what other flavour that is nice to try? :)

My Water Moments with Sony TX5 Event at Mali Cove, Sunway Lagoon

Hello! I'm here for an update about a event I attended last Saturday at Mali Cove(wave pool), Sunway Lagoon. So, I got (2) invites from Nuffnang to attend My Water Moments Sony TX5 Event by just sending an email XD. It's first come first serve basis and I didn't expect to get it ._." Even Hoong Fong got invited too. And together we went ._."


My kind mother fetched us there and dropped us infront of Euphoria ._." Well, I haven't been to Sunway Lagoon honestly since I-don't-know-how-many-years. But we found our way in, which was pretty easy by the way. Hehehe.

Loreal was having some event too apparently ._. Anyway, we're supposed to be there by 9.30 for registration but we reached at 9.20 and when we got there the Sony people were still setting up their booth. And so we waited....

And waited...

Yea, the were banners around, like some big event liddat XD. And did I mention? We waited....till like it's almost 10? T.T Yea, sad. I hate waiting but oh wells. And there was some kind of stench of chemicals like that. Eww.

So we walked over to Mali Cove area, which was the wave pool. Yeah, see I was early. D: We were one of the first few there, or was it the first? Anyways, the others came in pretty fast later on.

Can you spot the two emcees there on the stage? Well, there wasn't many people around and they kept on talking, I actually thought they were rehearsing LOL. Actually they're not -_-;;

Well, I managed to sneak out of Mali Cove area for a moment to go to the toilet and manage to snap one pathetic picture. Hahahaha.

Yea and so, we continue to wait at the Mali Cove area for the other participants to arrive and there was wave suddenly and a lot of Sony TX5 camera came tumbling down from the bin prepared for the station games. I wanted to walk and pretend to help and grab one for myself hahaha! But I didn't :P But anyway it's a model only, fake? D:

Hurhur, water shots. I love to take random pictures la -__- Don't mind me D: Anyway, nice to take what, no meh? :(

Then when people started pouring in...I saw two peepos...you'd probably know them...Well, take a look o_o"

Ooooooo, Audrey from fourfeetnine.com and Timothy Tiah, Nuffnang founder! D: Okay, no guts to take pictures with them. Hahaha. But you know them do you? :D

When dividing into teams of five. D: Waited quite awhile to sort ourselves into our own respective groups. And the sun was scorching at this point of time.

That is Aki, getting herself wet alone because the rest of us refused to get wet with her. Hahaha. And some random fella standing behind there.

My group is B5 comprosing of myself, my sister, Hoong Fong, Aki and Small Fish. Yeah D: That guy called us to call him Xiao Yu D: Small fish right? D:

Well, we played station games for the event and no pictures of playing the games 'coz I was busy playing la. And I don't have a water-proof camera sadly.

Oh yea, this picture was before the games started, people were practicing on how to play the station game ._.

It started pouring at 12-ish and the rain was rather heavy. And my group haven't complete our station games so we kinda played in the rain XD.

And, we didn't win anything sadly. There was 5 Sony TX5 up for grabs and also other Sony products. Hahahaha, but I had fun :) And there was some performance by some Astro competition winning guy but we didn't stay through the whole event coz I was rushing for YPF D:

Oh, did I mention they also prepared some food and icecream for us? And also a souvenir bag of a small towel and a swimming cap. Hahaha. That's about it. Bleh.