First and foremost, the question "Why Vampires Suck?" shouldn't even exist 'cause which human in the first place would thought at vampires are cool? 

Duh, obviously you know who people in the 20th century would refer to, when speaking of "vampires". The Cullens and the most famous one, Edward Cullen from Twilight are arguably the coolest, hottest vampires everrrrr.

So, Twilight author, Stephanie Meyers managed to convinced many people, especially girls that vampires are uber cool 'people', but not me. Sadly. Hahaha. No, I'm not a Twilight hater. I don't wanna get stoned :(

Anyway, closely related to vampires is Jacob Black, a werewolf from Twilight too and is threatening Edward's fan base. So now there's two teams - Team Edward and Team Jacob. I'm more on the team Jacob side honestly (you can know why by looking at the pix XD)

Sooooo, to answer the question I first asked, there are a few points.

1) Vampires are vegetarians of the new age.

Don't you see? Vampires are so kind to humans that now they are killing one another. Some even fast or are/want to become VEGETARIAN vampires(as in they don't eat humans). Veggievamps are interesting beings but not so nice. They should just be themselves. Hypocrites :( They should just go on sucking blood xD it's more cool. I mean it's kinda sadistic. But...*shrugs*. They should just stick to what they really are. 

2) They live in a house that's so cool. And I don't like it. That's why they suck. HAHAHA. They should just stay in coffins :(

3) Aside from their abnormal physical characteristic - glitter/sparkle under the sunlight or pale-skin, vampires also had evolved to have super powers. 

...Mind reading? Super strength? Speed? Agility? 

Are you serious? -_______-; I thought all those abilities are reserved for heroes, real heroes! Not veggievamps =( So not authentic. And Edward can also play the piano. -____-; That is wayyyyy too much. Too much!

Oh, they are perhaps very intelligent too, since they can live like forever, and they would maintain in high school forever too. Good for them! HAHAHA. D: I hate high school ._."

4) Don't you think vampires are way too rich? I mean they all have sports car =( I'm so jealous.

They totally suck! Stole all our privileges, I hate them! And that's why vampires suck! =(

Anyway, so much of the "why vampires suck" question, you'd probably already heard of the upcoming movie with the title "Vampires Suck". Totally hilarious and epic I tell you. And also, a very obvious parody of Twilight Saga and some say Vampire Diaries also ._.

And Nuffnang is giving out invites to watch it's premier screening! Hopefully, I'd be chosen. I love parodies. Muahaha.

Pretty please, Nuffnang? :)