If you've been reading the newspapers or luring around the net, you've probably came to know about the recent issue of a pengetua cemerlang from Johor who made several racist comments during assembly.

1) I'm not sure what's the real thing happening but there's political parties involved in this issue. This ain't gonna be easy and things are gonna get complicated.

2) Different people have argued that the reports on the newspapers are false and true. On my side, I believe that no matter if she's dianiaya or whatsoever, she's held responsible if she did made racist remarks, and especially infront of students, in the public.

3) It's sad to see so many racist comments at the facebook pages, be it Malays, Chinese or Indians. Chinese and Indians are obviously very furious at the moment, getting emotional calling names and uttering a lot of vulgar. Some brought up a whole lot of other issues : Vernacular schools being a total crap, that students that goes to SMK(s) later are a nuisance, and a whole lot of other stuffs...Certain people has also gone back to calling Chinese and Indians pendatang, some asking/demanding us to go back to "where we belong". But they don't they see this? Every schooling day, students will sing "Negaraku, Tanah tumpahnya darahku". And the song goes on.."Rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju". Are we really united and moving forward?

4) Sure, I'm just a 17 year old, and issues like this are really non of my business. Why should I care? It doesn't matter anyway. But I'm a Malaysian, and in few years time I can vote for people that I think is worthy to lead the country. We always complain, yet we do not exercise the power that we have in our hands.

5) I'm all in for 1Malaysia, and we already have enough racism going on in this country. And Merdeka is just around the corner. For goodness sake, grow up!