Yay! I'm back to continue my story on my Mamee Sllrrrp journey :D
The photos are uploaded now I can start my story..

Once upon a time, I went to Tesco and bought my Mamee Sllrrrp... I finally managed to try it a few days later, having my first ever pack of Mamee Sllrrrp as my lunch :D

Hungry I was, and having instant noodle for lunch is great as I only needed a small amount of time to binge munch on it.

Well, cooking it was easy. All I need to do is put the stuffs in, and wait. That's all XD I was glad that a no-genius like me had successfully cook a very niceeeeeeeeeeeeee instant noodle. *pats self*

I don't tell you how it tastes yet. I want to keep you coming to my blog :( Please visit my blog again :( I'll update about the "review" later on. And how I made my mee more interesting muahaha.

Stay tune, guys!

And again for the second time I'm asking, who wants to come over to my house for Mamee Sllrrrp??? Text me, I'm waiting!