Went to Cilantro Culinary Academy last Tuesday with some other YPFers to support Joel. He was the chef of the day together with his partner, and he need to serve 60 people in order to complete his course or something.

This is served as soon you are seated.  This is what I call the "welcome bread", ate it plain but it tastes good. You will be ushered by the waiters there. Very well mannered.  

Appetizer : Stuffed Calamari and Spanich Mackarel served with Rolled Garden Crisp
Great appetizer indeed, good presentation of food. Portion is normal lah, for fine dining. A very healthy set of food. XD

Soup : Corn and Crab Chowder
It may be a bit diluted but good enough for me. Perhaps a bit more concentrated it'll be great! Ordinary presentation. Used real crab meat, and lotsa corns. Huge portion of soup for a fine dining!

Main Course : Chicken Galantine served with Homemade Rice Balls and Oyster Mushroom in Teriyaki Sauce
Main course! Portion of chicken is alright, since it's fine dining. Texture of the chicken is nice, I got a very nice part of the chicken, thigh if I got it right. The homemade rice balls is really good although it's like kecik miao but it smells and tastes of pandan, oh the freshness. Oyster mushroom is just normal, fresh. Good presentation of food yet again.

Dessert : Chocolate Mousse with Lemongrass Infused Panna Cotta served with Berries Swiss Roulade
Personally, I don't really fancy mousse and and disliked the lemongrass layer thingy. I'd prefer if they prepared chocolate cake instead, good enough XD The "berries swiss roulade" is like strawberries layer cake taste-like. But it was prepared well and good presentation, I just didn't like what it is. Hahaha. So, the dessert is just okay for me lah. :P

Coffee or tea? :)

I wanted to take the picture of the candle. Lester's expression on the background was as if he was complaining about the price, but he was actually trying to pronounce the words on the menu. :) The price was good for fine dining honestly, RM30 per pax.

Joel and a few of the guys. 
So proud to have a friend who is at the same age as me and is doing well in what he is interested in. Well, he didn't compromise his dreams with what the usual people will say about "studies being most important". I bet he will excel as a professional chef :)