It was about a week ago, my friend was at my house for something. Well, we were a bit hungry later on and my sister cooked Mamee Sllrrrp for us :P Well, now that he have tried it, he likes it very much just like I do XD

Then, my friends kept asking me what's with this Mamee Sllrrrp craze? And they kept saying I will go bald and all -_-; But nah, who ask you to eat excessively? @@ Eat appropriately lah :D

Well, wait till I have the chance to invite more people to my house so that they can try Mamee Sllrrrp, THEN they will stop insulting me and beg for more! :3 MUAHAHAHA

Anyway, I bought the Kari Berapi flavour :x honestly, it's not very berapi :D but, I like it coz I don't take spicy food x_x" So it's cool for me. I'd still prefer the chicken flavour though. Teehee.

:) After I finish this, I'm gonna buy the asam laksa. Hohoho. Mamee Sllrrrp! :D