Hello! I'm here for an update about a event I attended last Saturday at Mali Cove(wave pool), Sunway Lagoon. So, I got (2) invites from Nuffnang to attend My Water Moments Sony TX5 Event by just sending an email XD. It's first come first serve basis and I didn't expect to get it ._." Even Hoong Fong got invited too. And together we went ._."


My kind mother fetched us there and dropped us infront of Euphoria ._." Well, I haven't been to Sunway Lagoon honestly since I-don't-know-how-many-years. But we found our way in, which was pretty easy by the way. Hehehe.

Loreal was having some event too apparently ._. Anyway, we're supposed to be there by 9.30 for registration but we reached at 9.20 and when we got there the Sony people were still setting up their booth. And so we waited....

And waited...

Yea, the were banners around, like some big event liddat XD. And did I mention? We waited....till like it's almost 10? T.T Yea, sad. I hate waiting but oh wells. And there was some kind of stench of chemicals like that. Eww.

So we walked over to Mali Cove area, which was the wave pool. Yeah, see I was early. D: We were one of the first few there, or was it the first? Anyways, the others came in pretty fast later on.

Can you spot the two emcees there on the stage? Well, there wasn't many people around and they kept on talking, I actually thought they were rehearsing LOL. Actually they're not -_-;;

Well, I managed to sneak out of Mali Cove area for a moment to go to the toilet and manage to snap one pathetic picture. Hahahaha.

Yea and so, we continue to wait at the Mali Cove area for the other participants to arrive and there was wave suddenly and a lot of Sony TX5 camera came tumbling down from the bin prepared for the station games. I wanted to walk and pretend to help and grab one for myself hahaha! But I didn't :P But anyway it's a model only, fake? D:

Hurhur, water shots. I love to take random pictures la -__- Don't mind me D: Anyway, nice to take what, no meh? :(

Then when people started pouring in...I saw two peepos...you'd probably know them...Well, take a look o_o"

Ooooooo, Audrey from fourfeetnine.com and Timothy Tiah, Nuffnang founder! D: Okay, no guts to take pictures with them. Hahaha. But you know them do you? :D

When dividing into teams of five. D: Waited quite awhile to sort ourselves into our own respective groups. And the sun was scorching at this point of time.

That is Aki, getting herself wet alone because the rest of us refused to get wet with her. Hahaha. And some random fella standing behind there.

My group is B5 comprosing of myself, my sister, Hoong Fong, Aki and Small Fish. Yeah D: That guy called us to call him Xiao Yu D: Small fish right? D:

Well, we played station games for the event and no pictures of playing the games 'coz I was busy playing la. And I don't have a water-proof camera sadly.

Oh yea, this picture was before the games started, people were practicing on how to play the station game ._.

It started pouring at 12-ish and the rain was rather heavy. And my group haven't complete our station games so we kinda played in the rain XD.

And, we didn't win anything sadly. There was 5 Sony TX5 up for grabs and also other Sony products. Hahahaha, but I had fun :) And there was some performance by some Astro competition winning guy but we didn't stay through the whole event coz I was rushing for YPF D:

Oh, did I mention they also prepared some food and icecream for us? And also a souvenir bag of a small towel and a swimming cap. Hahaha. That's about it. Bleh.