Mamee Sllrrrp 3#

So, I promised you guys I'll impress y'all right? But problem is! I'm having problems with my computer at the moment, so I didn't manage to transfer my pictures =((((

BUT! That is why all the more you guys should visit my blog again to see the pictures.

Anyway, cooking Mamee Sllrrrp was really fun! I mean, yea it might just be another instant noodle to you alright but cooking something that I've never tried before and something excitingly famous and gaining popularity is just soooooo cool indeed! =D

As I was just standing, waiting for the mee to be done, I could already smell its aroma...deeeeelicious!!! I mean, I haven't tried it yet and it's already in my head..goodness.

Well, I can go on and on talking about this but I'm kinda sleepy now. Hehe.

I'll keep you waiting on how it tastes and all, so stay tune.

And! You can join me in this journey! :-) text me if you wanna come over and join me for a meal of Mamee Sllrrrp!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee!

A story on chess

Chess is not a geek game. It teaches life stories. XD

You analyze and think thoroughly of all the possibilities you may face before you make a move, just in case you make any mistake. But when you're in a hurry, you tend to make more silly mistakes. Then, patiently you wait for chances to strike. You strategize and scrutinize every move by your opponents hoping that they fail but they don't. You change your plans, re-strategize and make a new plan to strike again. Sometimes, there are chances but you're too blind to see. Then, you gotta wait for another chance. Finally, you win sometimes, or lose but it's really up to your determination. Perhaps too, you'll be forced to the edge sometimes, but you'll never give up. There's no moves left, no more options to make, so you gave in sometimes. But with careful determination, you are able to fight back because of the distraction you created. You sacrifice some, those that are important to you. And you are able to gain more in return. Time and tide wait for no man, and the more time you lose, the more you are pressured. But, wait my friend, stay focused and with an effective strategy, you will win! Know your opponents, see their expressions. Don't show fear, let them see your confidence. And my friend, don't wait a little too long, don't play around when you're in control. Finish it, make your way to victory before they see your weakness and tear you to pieces. And my friend, remember, victory is as sweet as honey but the taste never last long. So, don't be down, the world is still round, you'll have your share to put on the crown!

Mamee Sllrrrp 2#

I figured my experience with Mamee Sllrrrp is very fascinating and I'll share with you guys about it. Heheh. Not now though. Here's a sneak photo :p

Hahaha, I know. Just a normal picture -_-; Well, wait for the next post you'll see! Hemph D: I'm gonna impress you guys, hopefully XD.


On another hand, Salt is on cinemas already! 

And I got the chance to watch the premier screening of it all thanks to Nuffnang
hearts hearts hearts


Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010, MITF

I came to know about the Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010 that was held last weekend at Midvalley when I was browsing through Dooodoll's facebook page.

And so I was excited to visit the exhibition! So, I went there on Saturday night. However, it was quite a let down because having to pay RM3 for admission, I was hoping for more. Nevertheless, it's still quite cool lah. Not many stores was set up.

Colourful Dweey, one of the toys that caught my attraction. When I googled it and went to the website, I found out that Dweey is a short-neck giraffe. Lol. Cute. A whole lot of other Dweeys for you to see when you first entered the exhibition hall.

Another Dweey. Cute short-neck giraffe :D

A bunch of collector's comics. Marvel comics are so nice, I just realized. It was on 20% discount. I'm gonna hunt for these comics now in the next MPH warehouse sale D:

And..the thing I love most...

Many many Dooodolls in many shapes and sizes and colours. Omg, I just love the dynamics! How can any one resist them? The Droolie and Cupipi is like humongous T.T I heard it's for sale for RM500. Omgawd.

Err. Are these gundams?

Some dolls. 

Well, that's all the pictures I took. Nothing's much really -.-l
Kinda disappointing. Oh well.

Mamee Sllrrrp 1#

I've always been a fan of Mamee Monster since I was young and until now I still eat this 'raw' crispy mee even at the age of 17 XD. That blue monster did a really good job in shaking I guess :P

Recently, I've heard about this Mamee Sllrrrp instant noodle and went hunting for it at Tesco, which is like 3-5 minutes drive away from my house.

Went to this instant noodle section, sold in bulks. O_O too much for a try.

Aha, this section is the correct section that I want to go to. 

Pretty easy to spot? :D

On the packaging, it says RM3.99. But Tesco only sells it at RM3.19! What a bargain.
So now, I've got my hands on it but I have yet to try it because I've been eating out since the past two days. Perhaps tomorrow. Hurhur. Can't wait to try Mamee Sllrrrp !

(yes, two 'l's and three 'r's! now, roll your tongue with your rrrrrrrrs!) :D

It's a struggle.
Maybe I will not make it. Maybe I would.
My heart's not ready, but am I determined?
No hope, just despair.
But I can only look to You.
I've got no strength anymore and every heart beat is deemed useless.
I only look to You.
Oh, God.


Halo Meow, Porkcutepine, Piggie, SnoopDoggy, Bunneh, Plumpkin


Aren't all these paus too cute to be eaten? ^0^

Oh, bummer. I'm a sucker for cute stuffs :D

2nd Asean School Games 2010, Stadium Bola Sepak, Cheras

Our DPM, Tan Sri Dato' Haji Muhyiddin was in CHERAS, a place of gangsters -_-; or so they say. He was present with some other high-ranked people on Tuesday to officiate the 2nd Asean School Games (2010). Wow. Lol. I know, who cares right? ._. 

Well, I had to go reach school by 6.30 because of this event and the freaking school bus only leaves at 7.20. Feel like slapping those teachers. -_________-; Sacrificed my 40 minutes of sleep. Boohoo =(

Upon arrival, we waited for like 20 minutes or so to get into the stadium. I was already freaking bored and the sun was scorching hot. What's wrong with all these people man, LET US IN! Okay, not only my school, many other students from other schools were also waiting together XDD.

Well, Cochrane got a lousy spot. And did I mention the sun was scorching hot? =( I was being barbequed. I'm a roast pork now. Grrr. Look at the umbrellas. Seriously, it was very very hot. Blazing sun. Oh, I also met with some old friends, Razmie and Hao Yang ._. They both happen to be in the same boarding school. 

Well, I don't like the event. It's very boring. Seriously. Nothing to do. We're supposed to cheer. But there's nothing really to cheer about. Seriously!

I hate the Malaysia contingent's uniform -_-; Yucks.

The most interesting part would be releasing balloons into the air and also some toxic colourful gases. Lol. At least that attracted my attention for at least 10 seconds O:

See ? I told you, toxic gases. It's pink.

Well, yeah we went back to school by 12 because the event ended much earlier than expected. We can't run out, ahem, we can but we didn't. And we're practically rotting -_-; That explains the above picture. Too free, nothing better to do D:

I'm a pro jumping-shot photographer. Seriously! :D

And I'm also an enthusiastic jumper. Look at my expression. Priceless! MUAHAHAHA.
Hahaha -_____-;

Melissa's face is so fake. I asked her to show more enthusiasm though. At least she tried XD

I was so bored, we tried to take artistic pictures. Zzzz. Which turns out to be epic fail -_______-;;

Oh yeah, the gays. Hahah, nah. Just a random picture -_-;

There's a few more pictures, but too lazy to post them up. All the picture taken was out of boredom. Seriously! I even asked the guys to come up from the canteen to entertain me -_-; Hehe. Well, they're funny people, so yeah.

Okay, I'm so bored now. Time to sleep. Kthxbai xDD

Cupipi and Numero

Look who's in the Dooodolls family now. Cupipi and Numero! Omg, I super love Cupipi and Numero! I've never seen Cupipi on sale before I think it's new ._.

Cupipi has blush and wings! Soooo cute. And I've always love Numero :)

Thank you Hoong Fong, Aki, Tse Ling, Shanon, Lili and Jo for the present! =)

One happy family, and extending :) <3

Max @ IHaus, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Just went for dinner at Max @ IHaus, a German Design Showhaus, yesterday with my family. Kinda easy to find the place because there's a lot of banners around to direct you.

But the place is kinda secluded ._. Well, at least to me it is =/ A huge parking area available outside, it's bungalow what :P

The "welcome food". Bread D: And it's "complimentary" :x 
They serve you this once you are seated down. Ohh :D

Before they serve you the bread, they light up the candle first XD
Very romantic feel ler, hahahah

Cheese baked oysters with ebiko as starter! Hot and juicy. Very nice. I love it :) 

Close up :D

Cod fish :) serve with some veggies and mushroom.

Sirloin beef. (Y) Oh yeah, medium and not well done, yet it's awesome!
It's very easy to chew and swallow unlike so other places when you ask them to cook medium it's like uncooked T_T

Lamb. It's good too but I prefer the beef. Hurhurhur.

Lamb. Baa baaa ~

Hugeeeee scallops. Seriously. Mutated. Ngehehe.

Chocolate souffle served with cappuccino ice cream and fruits. They're famous for this apparently. And I loveeee the chocolate souffle T_T It's amazing I tell you. 
I love love loveeee (Y) 

And my cake! Not from IHaus though. Look at the strawberries. It's cheesecake by the way.
I love the details, how the person arranged the strawberries. It's amazing! D;

Well, a great dinner. And so was the bill.
It's probably the most expensive dinner I ever had.
Thank you mummy =)


Surprised, I used tuzki to design my class t-shirt and it got chosen. Black instead of pink :( Cause no size available. We want pink :( even guys.

Yeap, we're just a little better than the best people around :) That's 5U. 
Hahaha =)