Just went for dinner at Max @ IHaus, a German Design Showhaus, yesterday with my family. Kinda easy to find the place because there's a lot of banners around to direct you.

But the place is kinda secluded ._. Well, at least to me it is =/ A huge parking area available outside, it's bungalow what :P

The "welcome food". Bread D: And it's "complimentary" :x 
They serve you this once you are seated down. Ohh :D

Before they serve you the bread, they light up the candle first XD
Very romantic feel ler, hahahah

Cheese baked oysters with ebiko as starter! Hot and juicy. Very nice. I love it :) 

Close up :D

Cod fish :) serve with some veggies and mushroom.

Sirloin beef. (Y) Oh yeah, medium and not well done, yet it's awesome!
It's very easy to chew and swallow unlike so other places when you ask them to cook medium it's like uncooked T_T

Lamb. It's good too but I prefer the beef. Hurhurhur.

Lamb. Baa baaa ~

Hugeeeee scallops. Seriously. Mutated. Ngehehe.

Chocolate souffle served with cappuccino ice cream and fruits. They're famous for this apparently. And I loveeee the chocolate souffle T_T It's amazing I tell you. 
I love love loveeee (Y) 

And my cake! Not from IHaus though. Look at the strawberries. It's cheesecake by the way.
I love the details, how the person arranged the strawberries. It's amazing! D;

Well, a great dinner. And so was the bill.
It's probably the most expensive dinner I ever had.
Thank you mummy =)