Chess is not a geek game. It teaches life stories. XD

You analyze and think thoroughly of all the possibilities you may face before you make a move, just in case you make any mistake. But when you're in a hurry, you tend to make more silly mistakes. Then, patiently you wait for chances to strike. You strategize and scrutinize every move by your opponents hoping that they fail but they don't. You change your plans, re-strategize and make a new plan to strike again. Sometimes, there are chances but you're too blind to see. Then, you gotta wait for another chance. Finally, you win sometimes, or lose but it's really up to your determination. Perhaps too, you'll be forced to the edge sometimes, but you'll never give up. There's no moves left, no more options to make, so you gave in sometimes. But with careful determination, you are able to fight back because of the distraction you created. You sacrifice some, those that are important to you. And you are able to gain more in return. Time and tide wait for no man, and the more time you lose, the more you are pressured. But, wait my friend, stay focused and with an effective strategy, you will win! Know your opponents, see their expressions. Don't show fear, let them see your confidence. And my friend, don't wait a little too long, don't play around when you're in control. Finish it, make your way to victory before they see your weakness and tear you to pieces. And my friend, remember, victory is as sweet as honey but the taste never last long. So, don't be down, the world is still round, you'll have your share to put on the crown!