I've always been a fan of Mamee Monster since I was young and until now I still eat this 'raw' crispy mee even at the age of 17 XD. That blue monster did a really good job in shaking I guess :P

Recently, I've heard about this Mamee Sllrrrp instant noodle and went hunting for it at Tesco, which is like 3-5 minutes drive away from my house.

Went to this instant noodle section, sold in bulks. O_O too much for a try.

Aha, this section is the correct section that I want to go to. 

Pretty easy to spot? :D

On the packaging, it says RM3.99. But Tesco only sells it at RM3.19! What a bargain.
So now, I've got my hands on it but I have yet to try it because I've been eating out since the past two days. Perhaps tomorrow. Hurhur. Can't wait to try Mamee Sllrrrp !

(yes, two 'l's and three 'r's! now, roll your tongue with your rrrrrrrrs!) :D