I came to know about the Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010 that was held last weekend at Midvalley when I was browsing through Dooodoll's facebook page.

And so I was excited to visit the exhibition! So, I went there on Saturday night. However, it was quite a let down because having to pay RM3 for admission, I was hoping for more. Nevertheless, it's still quite cool lah. Not many stores was set up.

Colourful Dweey, one of the toys that caught my attraction. When I googled it and went to the website, I found out that Dweey is a short-neck giraffe. Lol. Cute. A whole lot of other Dweeys for you to see when you first entered the exhibition hall.

Another Dweey. Cute short-neck giraffe :D

A bunch of collector's comics. Marvel comics are so nice, I just realized. It was on 20% discount. I'm gonna hunt for these comics now in the next MPH warehouse sale D:

And..the thing I love most...

Many many Dooodolls in many shapes and sizes and colours. Omg, I just love the dynamics! How can any one resist them? The Droolie and Cupipi is like humongous T.T I heard it's for sale for RM500. Omgawd.

Err. Are these gundams?

Some dolls. 

Well, that's all the pictures I took. Nothing's much really -.-l
Kinda disappointing. Oh well.