Our DPM, Tan Sri Dato' Haji Muhyiddin was in CHERAS, a place of gangsters -_-; or so they say. He was present with some other high-ranked people on Tuesday to officiate the 2nd Asean School Games (2010). Wow. Lol. I know, who cares right? ._. 

Well, I had to go reach school by 6.30 because of this event and the freaking school bus only leaves at 7.20. Feel like slapping those teachers. -_________-; Sacrificed my 40 minutes of sleep. Boohoo =(

Upon arrival, we waited for like 20 minutes or so to get into the stadium. I was already freaking bored and the sun was scorching hot. What's wrong with all these people man, LET US IN! Okay, not only my school, many other students from other schools were also waiting together XDD.

Well, Cochrane got a lousy spot. And did I mention the sun was scorching hot? =( I was being barbequed. I'm a roast pork now. Grrr. Look at the umbrellas. Seriously, it was very very hot. Blazing sun. Oh, I also met with some old friends, Razmie and Hao Yang ._. They both happen to be in the same boarding school. 

Well, I don't like the event. It's very boring. Seriously. Nothing to do. We're supposed to cheer. But there's nothing really to cheer about. Seriously!

I hate the Malaysia contingent's uniform -_-; Yucks.

The most interesting part would be releasing balloons into the air and also some toxic colourful gases. Lol. At least that attracted my attention for at least 10 seconds O:

See ? I told you, toxic gases. It's pink.

Well, yeah we went back to school by 12 because the event ended much earlier than expected. We can't run out, ahem, we can but we didn't. And we're practically rotting -_-; That explains the above picture. Too free, nothing better to do D:

I'm a pro jumping-shot photographer. Seriously! :D

And I'm also an enthusiastic jumper. Look at my expression. Priceless! MUAHAHAHA.
Hahaha -_____-;

Melissa's face is so fake. I asked her to show more enthusiasm though. At least she tried XD

I was so bored, we tried to take artistic pictures. Zzzz. Which turns out to be epic fail -_______-;;

Oh yeah, the gays. Hahah, nah. Just a random picture -_-;

There's a few more pictures, but too lazy to post them up. All the picture taken was out of boredom. Seriously! I even asked the guys to come up from the canteen to entertain me -_-; Hehe. Well, they're funny people, so yeah.

Okay, I'm so bored now. Time to sleep. Kthxbai xDD