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Restoran Kauboi, Kuah, Langkawi

Trust me to never go to Langkawi during the Raya weekend. It was close to a disaster because most of the places were closed, seeing that Langkawi is a Malay-populated area. It was extremely difficult to find a place to eat at Kuah town, less of a problem at Cenang I guess. 
There's a street at Kuah where there's a lot of seafood or thai food restaurants and all were fully occupied during dinner time. My friends and I found ourselves at Restoran Kauboi after its neighbour, the highly rated Wonderland, was closed for Raya holidays. 
We were seated around 6.15pm or so and the place was slowly getting packed with humans everywhere. Placed our order and started waiting..after waiting for an hour, we don't see any other tables being served and we were getting hungry. So we asked one uncle working there where was our food and how long do we have to wait. 
Here comes the plot twist: The uncle said that eating at restaurant is different and if we cannot wait he asked us to eat at …

Motorola Moto G Phone Case, Cover Review

Well, I've been using Motorola's Moto G for almost 6 months now and it's been good to me so far, no problems whatsoever. My only disappointment with the Moto G is the quality of the camera (5mp, can't do much you see) but anyway, that can't be helped la since the specs is low in the first place. 
Over the last 6 months, my hands were really itching since Xiaomi came to Malaysia. The price I paid for this Moto G with a little extra would have allowed me to get a Mi 3 phone instead - a phone with much better specs and all. But I guess it's not just the phone but also user experience. So far I'm really loving the almost-vanilla experience. So... go Moto *no, I'm not trying to console myself). Nevermind the fact that Moto G is not a mainstream phone and till today I still get questions like "Huh? Motorola is still alive?!" whenever people ask me what phone am I using and I tell them it's a Motorola. Uh oh.
The most annoying part yet is the fa…

UMobile Buah Tangan Hari Raya Campaign 2014

Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

UMobile had this campaign where anyone, regardless if they are UMobile users or not, can send a "buah tangan" to their family members or friends. "Buah tangan" is a Malay proverb which strongly represent the Malaysian culture, where people usually bring a gift (buah tangan) when paying a visit to someone. 
So last weekend, I received a buah tangan from Franco courtesy of UMobile. The mobile is actually done via the Facebook App, where Franco sent me a request and all I had to do was to fill up some basic information and UMobile will send a buah tangan to me. Well, I didn't know what to expect from the buah tangan but it turns out to be really good.

I was really impressed! The UMobile team took the time to package it really nicely and even printed those cards to personalize the gift.

The box of goodness. Well, everything in the box is edible (except the vouc…

National Mourning Day

Today, my beloved nation, Malaysia mourns for the lost of lives, loves and dreams on #MH17. 
May all those who are affected find peace and comfort. 

Bits and Pieces from Langkawi

One week before I flew to Langkawi, MH17 happened. My friends and I were bound to fly with MAS. I didn't have any anxiety honestly, somehow I had the peace in my heart.

As we board the MAS plane, the first thing I noticed was - YAY - I could catch a movie on the plane. And then there was this USB port. Everyone who had a USB cable quickly took it out and started to charge our respective phones. My USB cable looks pathetic, I know but it's the USB cable that comes with Mi Powerbank :P Sadly, the charging speed was soooo slow.. Anyhow, I was really impressed. We only flew for about 45 minutes including take off and landing. It was the same when we flew back to KL. I don't remember the flight time being so short (in comparison to) the last time I flew to Langkawi. 

I've been to Langkawi twice before this trip but it was my first time at Laman Padi. There weren't anyone else besides us.. practically the field was empty. It was crazy to see such a scene because…