Trust me to never go to Langkawi during the Raya weekend. It was close to a disaster because most of the places were closed, seeing that Langkawi is a Malay-populated area. It was extremely difficult to find a place to eat at Kuah town, less of a problem at Cenang I guess. 

There's a street at Kuah where there's a lot of seafood or Thai food restaurants and all were fully occupied during dinner time. My friends and I found ourselves at Restoran Kauboi after its neighbour, the highly rated Wonderland, was closed for the Raya holidays. 

We were seated around 6.15pm or so and the place was slowly getting packed with humans everywhere. Placed our order and started waiting... after waiting for an hour, we didn't see any other tables being served and we were getting hungry. So we asked one uncle working there where was our food and how long we had to wait. 

Here comes the plot twist: The uncle said that eating at the restaurant is different and if we cannot wait he asked us to eat at mamak instead. We just simply replied (with ultimate sarcasm) that oh, sure we wished to eat at mamak too but we couldn't find any that was open. Now, before you start attacking us using that we have the gen-y-cannot-wait syndrome, let me tell you that there were about 5-8 other tables who were also getting impatient and they weren't that happy either. We politely asked the uncle how long do we had to wait because it would set our expectations seeing that we had already waited for an hour but his reply was utterly rude and uncalled for. What is the mentality behind this behavior? This is the exact same mentality as those who call others pendatang and ask people to leave the country if they are unhappy with status quo. Maybe you think I've gone too far by drawing this comparison but think about it.

Anyway, we were really irritated after that reply from the uncle but we stayed on and we vowed to leave at 8pm if the food was still not here yet. But of course, the food came at about 7.55pm. Of course.

The food was at best average but I found that food in KL is better than Kuah town or it's simply because I didn't get to try the best food in Kuah... maybe? No, the food review wasn't affected by the service in case you are wondering. The food here at Restoran Kauboi was better than the previous restaurant we went to the night before in the sense that it had less MSG and less oily.

Seriously, eating at Langkawi is not cheap - the price of food is very similar to KL - and how ironic it is because I thought that since Langkawi's beers and chocolates are so cheap the food should be too, especially since it's a duty-free island. Funny I only realised this after I went to Langkawi and paid my own bills. The last time I went to Langkawi, I went with my family and mum paid all the bills. I guess I was a little ignorant.