Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

UMobile had this campaign where anyone, regardless if they are UMobile users or not, can send a "buah tangan" to their family members or friends. "Buah tangan" is a Malay proverb which strongly represent the Malaysian culture, where people usually bring a gift (buah tangan) when paying a visit to someone. 

So last weekend, I received a buah tangan from Franco courtesy of UMobile. The mobile is actually done via the Facebook App, where Franco sent me a request and all I had to do was to fill up some basic information and UMobile will send a buah tangan to me. Well, I didn't know what to expect from the buah tangan but it turns out to be really good.

I was really impressed! The UMobile team took the time to package it really nicely and even printed those cards to personalize the gift.

The box of goodness. Well, everything in the box is edible (except the voucher of course, but it's a Chatime voucher for you to buy a drink, duh). And all the contents were good stuffs - Chatime, Snickers, Lipton, Tropicana Twiter and Quacker Oat - all of the brands that we know.

Overall, I'm really happy that this wasn't a gimmick or anything (as in some company would send some expired stuff or things we couldn't use and things like that) and I also managed to sent a few buah tangan to my friends courtesy of UMobile. Most of them received the parcel yesterday, pretty efficient. I would think it's very smart of UMobile to run this campaign, something different and it definitely evoked good feelings.

More campaigns like this please :P