One week before I flew to Langkawi, MH17 happened. My friends and I were bound to fly with MAS. I didn't have any anxiety honestly, somehow I had the peace in my heart.


As we boarded the MAS plane, the first thing I noticed was - YAY - I could catch a movie on the plane. And then there was this USB port. Everyone who had a USB cable quickly took it out and started to charge our respective phones. My USB cable looks pathetic, I know but it's the USB cable that comes with Mi Powerbank :P Sadly, the charging speed was soooo slow.. Anyhow, I was really impressed. We only flew for about 45 minutes including take-off and landing. It was the same when we flew back to KL. I don't remember the flight time being so short (in comparison to) the last time I flew to Langkawi. 

I've been to Langkawi twice before this trip but it was my first time at Laman Padi. There wasn't anyone else besides us.. practically the field was empty. It was crazy to see such a scene because we were surrounded by green... everywhere! I was also very impressed by how clean the paddy field was.

daogei look.

Meanwhile, I was expecting a crowd at Dataran Lang but it was only occupied by a few groups. We stayed long enough and the place was empty. I find this quite sad, after all, isn't this a tourist hot spot.. so where are all the people? I'm not sure if is it us or if everyone got the memo not to visit Langkawi during Raya. There wasn't much shade and I got a lot darker here standing under the Sun. Sigh.


Before I went to Langkawi, I got myself a new lens - a far superior zoom (40-150mm) for my Olympus camera. It was proven to be very useful during the trip cause I got into my paparazzi mode and got some decent shots.


if you zoom in enough, you'd find out it's Silk Air

Island hopping was cool and all. Really love the boat ride. But I really hate visiting Tasik Dayang Bunting mostly because of the aggressive and (I assume) drunk monkeys. Not forgetting the very depressing toilets which we had to pay to use. Pulau Beras Basah was also surrounded by monkeys but not as bad as Tasik Dayang Bunting. I've witnessed some monkeys on the island taking some left-over beer bottles and drinking them (!!!!!)

We paid a visit to Seven Wells Waterfall (Telaga Tujuh) too. The road up was really steep for walking, I suggest taking the staircase. We didn't climb all the way up and took the first turning left where everyone else in front of us was walking, so we just followed. It was kinda late (we arrived about 6pm or so) and we didn't want to risk going back down when it was dark. Unfortunately, I think it's the dry season so this part of the waterfall was really pathetic as seen in the picture above. My friends were prepared to have some splashing fun but in the end, we just dipped our feet in the water. A few other people came and left after seeing the sad state of the waterfall.


Drove our way to a private property at Tanjung Rhu. We had to sign an agreement first before we could enter this "private land". The beach was clean, needless to say. Gorgeous view too. There were also very few people here, it's almost deserted. A few cars came in after us but they almost immediately left as soon as they arrived. 

ah, the famous selfie stick (it's not really a monopod..)

quiet cenang.

coca-cola advertisements are common along the Cenang beach area.

I think my favourite place would be Pantai Cenang. Monkey-free and close to eateries. Also love the fact that if you stay in Cenang, it's super convenient to get to the beach anytime you want. The only thing lacking is the duty-free shops - it's much lesser as compared to Kuah town. I'll talk about food in Kuah town in a separate post.

This trip was rather out of the ordinary. We rented a car and the tyres were punctured - and the tyres flattened twice! We went to the Langkawi International Airport at 3.45am (the flight was at 6am) only to find that the airport was closed. We waited till 4.15am when a guard finally appeared and opened the doors.. and waited until 4.25am before we could finally check in.

This was our second trip together and Bel joined us this time :) Times like these are difficult to find. Even though I thought the whole trip wasn't sailing as smoothly as I wanted, I enjoyed the company and I guess that is all that matters.