Well, I've been using Motorola's Moto G for almost 6 months now and it's been good to me so far, no problems whatsoever. My only disappointment with the Moto G is the quality of the camera (5mp, can't do much you see) but anyway, that can't be helped la since the specs is low in the first place. 

Over the last 6 months, my hands were really itching since Xiaomi came to Malaysia. The price I paid for this Moto G with a little extra would have allowed me to get a Mi 3 phone instead - a phone with much better specs and all. But I guess it's not just the phone but also user experience. So far I'm really loving the almost-vanilla experience. So... go Moto *no, I'm not trying to console myself). Nevermind the fact that Moto G is not a mainstream phone and till today I still get questions like "Huh? Motorola is still alive?!" whenever people ask me what phone am I using and I tell them it's a Motorola. Uh oh.

The most annoying part yet is the fact that it's difficult to find any other accessories for the phone since it's not a mainstream phone. Like the basic screen protector and case.. I have to order all these online at a higher price :( Heck, Xiaomi's accessories are all over the place now, it's so unfair.. I guess it's becoming a mainstream brand like Samsung and Apple.

Okay, enough of my grandmother story. So here's a few cases that I've gotten for my Moto G:

Front view; From left: Spigen Slim Armor (1:1 copy) case, generic TPU case, Fosmon Hybo Snap Case look-a-like, Motorola shell, Moto G phone

Back view; From left: Spigen Slim Armor (1:1 copy) case, generic TPU case, Fosmon Hybo Snap Case look-a-like, Motorola shell, Moto G phone

Okie so you could see the thickness of each case from the picture above. Obviously if I just used the phone with the Motorola shell only it's super thin and light but I have to face a high risk of getting my phone all dented, scratched and even broken if I dropped it. Ain't nobody gonna take that risk. 

Spigen Slim Armor (1:1 copy)
- 2-in-1 design: Outer removable plastic hard case, inner TPU case
- Very solid
- Quite easy to put the phone in, very difficult to pull out as the phone's shell will definitely get stuck in the case
- Thick and may be bulky
- Fits accurately, nicely, tightly
- Not bendable unless plastic hard case is separated from TPU case
- Difficult to press the physical buttons (power, volume up and down)

Generic TPU case
- Easy to put the phone it, moderate difficulty in pulling out the phone's shell. Occasionally, the phone's shell will get stuck in the case
- Fits tightly
- Causes bubbles on screen protector due to the pressures at the side (I changed my screen protector and one hour later there's bubbles already after I put on the case :<)
- Bendable
- Buttons relatively easy to press

Fosmon Hybo Snap Case look-a-like/Hybrid Armor Shockproof Case
- Effortless to put the phone in and out because it is a two-part case
- Covers the whole phone, front and back
- When you put the phone on the back case, it looks like it's very loose but after you put the front case over it, the case fits perfectly 
- Built-in screen protector on the front 
- Decreased sensitivity due to the built-in screen protector 
- Buttons can be pressed very comfortably 
- All ports are covered 

So, guess which case am I using now? :P