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Night Cravings

There are some things in life I can't say NO to. Oh sushi from Sushi Zanmai.. 

Tamago Mentai. 

Stamina Roll (Eel + avocado + cucumber)

Mini california roll.

Ocean Roll. (special menu for the month)

Soft Shell Crab Roll. It went from RM 6.80 to RM 8.80 now :'(

Salmon Roll, ermahgerd.

:'( I'm hungry. 

Food: Melbourne Peking Duck

There's plenty of cafes and restaurant situated at Bangsar, specifically the Jalan Telawi 3 area. Melbourne Peking Duck is situated beside the easily-noticeable Pappa Rich. For this year's Mother's Day, my family and I went to eat Peking Duck, Chinese cuisine for a change.

Quack your way up.  

There's nothing special about the concept of the restaurant but the restaurant is really clean. I'm pretty sure Peking Duck is famous in Beijing so I don't know why the restaurant was named Melbourne Peking Duck and not Beijing Peking Duck. Probably to cater to the expat-friendly area. 

Opening dish. So-so.

Come to eat Chinese meal, must have Chinese tea.

The waitress in the restaurant would bring a to your table for inspection. If you think it's okay, they will proceed with serving the duck. A few of the workers here are not local, I'm pretty impressed cause they got the skills yo.

My pictures don't do the duck justice. It's really good. Wrap it or just eat…


There are really a lot of things that I wish to write. So many things had happened over the last 2 weeks, whether at uni or at home. But I can't really write it down here for various reasons. I am so unhappy and frustrated to the point that I wish to quit this uni right now. And just stop studying. Enjoy life. By enjoy life, I really mean just taking a break from all these meaningless things that occupied my life for the past 5 torturing months and I have to endure more for the next coming 3 months.. and it could drag up till 2 more years. I just wish to travel somewhere, alone with my camera, capturing moments in life that are precious to individuals. Just strolling around on streets where I feel safe. Stop by and snack around and continue strolling. Oh how I wish. How I wish...

GE13 and the Property Market

Created by Iproperty MY, the number one website in Malaysia. Whether you have a house for sale or are looking to buy.

It is now post-GE13 and the hype is still going on. I think elections had left many people very opinionated about what had happened and what is going to happen in the future. 
Unsurprisingly, from the survey by Iproperty MY, the top three policies that the respondents wanted the winning party to deliver on were more affordable and secure housing, equality for all races and fight against corruption. I agree. I've heard conversations between friends and parents about how the price of properties is rising to the point that is it no longer affordable. I also support equality for all races and fight against corruption - everyone deserves to have equal opportunities and we should put a stop to corruption in Malaysia instead of accepting it 'as a norm'.
Now, as the new government is formed and the upcoming announcement of the new Cabinet is going to be made soon, …

Video of the Week: Sam Tsui - Make It Up


This Cina Wants Some Sneakers

image from Taylor Swift

In conjunction with the hashtag of the day, #ApaCinaMahu, I've decided to make a sneakers wishlist. Why sneakers wishlist? Cause recently, I've been browsing and looking for sneakers. I feel like getting one but it's so freaking expensive :'( And if I make a general wishlist... the list will never end. Hehe. So here's it:

1. THE Taylor Swift (limited edition) Red Keds

2. Van's Washed Textile Atwood, Women (Berry Pink)

3. Van's Canvas Authentic (Beach Glass/True White)

4. Van's Chukka Low, Women (Washed Canvas Black/Neon Pink)

5. Van's Atwood Low, Women (Castlerock/Princess Blue)

I like Van's sneakers as compared to Converse. No idea why but Converse's sneakers looks flimsy to me. Lol.

I also posted on my FB the top 10 list for #ApaCinaMahu in general. A few of my friends agree with me. T.T Biarlah the #1 kemahuan menjadi reality. Dah semakin gemuk nih  ヽ(´□`。)ノ

P.S: If you don't know what's going on about #Apa…


First of all, as I am typing this, I'm having mixed feelings. You know they always say the more hope you put into something, that more disappointed you would feel.

I've gone from being desperate like - God, aren't You here with us?! God, where is Your divine intervention?! God, just where are You?? When are You showing up??

To this..telling myself to keep on believing..
I cannot describe how devastated I feel at the moment, not because how things turned out to be but I'm so angry at how process went on. I know I am not the only one feeling disappointed, cheated even. And I'm not even involved directly, so you could imagine how voters actually feel. Now I do understand why people feel like what they vote don't matter because of such incidents that will discourage them. I mean it feels like what you vote doesn't matter. 
I'm surrounded with friends that have dreams and ambitions to live abroad, outside of Malaysia. Some of them have already fulfilled this d…

Women of Malaysia

I just spent my one hour listening to a live discussion between Marina Mahathir, Juana Jaafar, Zainah Anwar, Dr. Tessa and Masjaliza Hamzah (the moderator for this session). I find it rather inspiring than more Malaysian (mostly Malay) women are fighting for women's rights. I think there are more known and uprising feminists that are Malay, more than the other ethnics in Malaysia. In fact, I can't even name a Chinese feminists in Malaysia, or maybe I don't know or heard of them - yet. Now, why am I bringing up this race issue? Surely one would know how sensitive this issue is this in Malaysia.

The reason is because I think for one - Malaysians may live "together" in many different cultures but we still understand our own culture best. But really, look around us - how many of us really do live in multicultural environment? I mean live as in sharing lives together. Not so much, not yet. One thing I observed is that a lot of Malay feminists often turn out to be Mus…