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It is now post-GE13 and the hype is still going on. I think elections have left many people very opinionated about what has happened and what is going to happen in the future. 

Unsurprisingly, from the survey by Iproperty MY, the top three policies that the respondents wanted the winning party to deliver on were more affordable and secure housing, equality for all races, and the fight against corruption. I agree. I've heard conversations between friends and parents about how the price of properties is rising to the point that is it no longer affordable. I also support equality for all races and the fight against corruption - everyone deserves to have equal opportunities and we should put a stop to corruption in Malaysia instead of accepting it 'as a norm'.

Now, as the new government is formed and the upcoming announcement of the new Cabinet is going to be made soon, let's hope for the very best that these policies will come to pass.