There's plenty of cafes and restaurant situated at Bangsar, specifically the Jalan Telawi 3 area. Melbourne Peking Duck is situated beside the easily-noticeable Pappa Rich. For this year's Mother's Day, my family and I went to eat Peking Duck, Chinese cuisine for a change.

Quack your way up.  

There's nothing special about the concept of the restaurant but the restaurant is really clean. I'm pretty sure Peking Duck is famous in Beijing so I don't know why the restaurant was named Melbourne Peking Duck and not Beijing Peking Duck. Probably to cater to the expat-friendly area. 

Opening dish. So-so.

Come to eat Chinese meal, must have Chinese tea.

The waitress in the restaurant would bring a to your table for inspection. If you think it's okay, they will proceed with serving the duck. A few of the workers here are not local, I'm pretty impressed cause they got the skills yo.

My pictures don't do the duck justice. It's really good. Wrap it or just eat it like that, I love it. :D The skin is the best part of course, crispy! 

The remaining duck is cooked with noodles, rice or stir fry vegetable - your choice. We chose fried kuay teow with duck. Saw a couple of other tables ordering the same thing. 

Fried lemon chicken. Nothing special either.

Soup - tasty! I like this but drink it while it's hot.

Like what my mom said - Peking Duck is like the Chinese's fine dining. For us, it was enough to make us full for the night. Bill came up to RM140. Come here if you are craving for some delicious Peking Duck : )

Melbourne Peking Duck
24-1, Jalan Telawi 3,
59100 Bangsar Baru.
Tel: 03-22021588