image from Taylor Swift

In conjunction with the hashtag of the day, #ApaCinaMahu, I've decided to make a sneakers wishlist. Why sneakers wishlist? Cause recently, I've been browsing and looking for sneakers. I feel like getting one but it's so freaking expensive :'( And if I make a general wishlist... the list will never end. Hehe. So here's it:

1. THE Taylor Swift (limited edition) Red Keds

2. Van's Washed Textile Atwood, Women (Berry Pink)

3. Van's Canvas Authentic (Beach Glass/True White)

4. Van's Chukka Low, Women (Washed Canvas Black/Neon Pink)

5. Van's Atwood Low, Women (Castlerock/Princess Blue)

I like Van's sneakers as compared to Converse. No idea why but Converse's sneakers looks flimsy to me. Lol.

I also posted on my FB the top 10 list for #ApaCinaMahu in general. A few of my friends agree with me. T.T Biarlah the #1 kemahuan menjadi reality. Dah semakin gemuk nih  ヽ(´□`。)ノ

P.S: If you don't know what's going on about #ApaCinaMahu, I'm referring to this.