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Yes, very.

My Mortal

If you've been to camps you'll most probably played this game before "Angel and Mortal". It goes like you'll pick a name - that person will be your mortal. It's a cycle where everyone pick a name so they have a mortal. And eventually, they'll have an angel too. This game a quite a long term game, so whatchu actually do is - make your mortal happy. I put it in that way, easier to understand what. :P 

What people usually do is send a messenger, on behalf of you and do something for your mortal. Example, ask a messenger to bring food for your mortal. Or write notes. Or buy a drink. Or sing a song. Or say something nice. Well, it could be anything. Be creative and think outta the box yo! 

It wasn't too long ago, earlier this month in fact, I went to my church family camp. Well, I have a mortal, but no one picked my name. :( Thus, no angel. It will be niceeee if I did have an angel though. Anyway, it was fun being an angel to my mortal cause she's very funny and cute. As in whenever I asked my messenger to pass things to her, she'll be like "Oh my gosh". Hehehehe.

One of the things I did was, I gave her Hacks sweets, asked my sister to pass to her. Then, I wrote a little note saying "Fun fact : Did you know Hacks stands for 'hanya aku cinta kau sahaja'?" I looked from behind and saw her laughing. Muahahaha. And everytime I asked a messenger to help her to take food for her, instead of her queuing up herself, she also got very happy. Well, I guess it's the simple things in life that makes us really happy sometimes. 

Anyway, two weeks later, which is last Sunday, my mortal came up to me and hand me an 'angel' keychain (the picture above) and a bookmark, as a sign of appreciation for being her angel in the camp. That was totally unexpected and totally made me feel like over the moon. Yahoo. I guess it's nice being nice and kind to other people and when we least expected something in return, and we get it, it'll make us appreciate it even more. :)

What is Paper Jamz?

Yo people! See the picture above? It's Paper Jamz! A Paper Jamz guitar to be precise. My mum actually asked her colleague to buy it from elsewhere, you can't get Paper Jamz in Malaysia. =.='' 

What is Paper Jamz actually? It's actually a TOY. Yes, it's a toy, made of cardboard. And it's like RM100 after being converted. But you can get it for like 20-30USD. -_-; so unfair. Haih. Anyway.. Paper Jamz is a toy that "works" like a guitar. Like a real guitar, but still NOT a guitar. It's flat alright, no strings. But when you slide your finger across the guitar, magically it sounds as if you're playing a real guitar. Viola. Hahaha.

Well, I know musicians criticize of buying this Paper Jamz. Why buy a toy when you can have a real one? Well, it's fun and no brainer actually. Hehe, you can play your normal songs on Paper Jamz except that the chords placement are already pre-set. So, you gotta memorise the position and there you go. There's also several modes on Paper Jamz and you can just strum along..

What's cool about Paper Jamz is that, it's very very light and super flat. LOL really flat weih. I'm not used to it. And guess what? You can also buy an amplifier from Paper Jamz to amplify the guitar lah duh. LOL seriously, got such thing! Cool? Oh, can buy the guitar strap also. I think about 5USD? Dirt cheap ;( But why can't get it in Malaysia. WHY? 

Paper Jamz also have drums around. Drums, guitars, and amplifiers all in CARDBOARD? Man, technology is amazing I tell you. :P

Gonna get one like me? XD

Free Justin Bieber Concert Tickets

Last month, I got tickets from Nuffnang to watch Justin Bieber Liveeeee. But because I am financially challenged, I sold the tickets =/

Anyways.. hehehe. :3 

What is Chromebook or What is Chrome OS?

Surprise people! I'm not a geek nor a nerd but I just wanna share with y'all about what I just know of a few days ago. I just read a couple of news that our dear Google is gonna release their very own Chromebook using Chrome OS. Surely you will have heard of Google Chrome (the web browser) but maybe some of you have not heard of this new "Chromebook" or Chrome OS, which I find very fascinating.

Now, for some great features in the Chromebook would be the booting time. Chromebooks boot in EIGHT seconds! Yes, I repeat 8 seconds to boot and resume instantly. Now, your favourite websites can be loaded very quickly and run smoothly, with full support for the latest web standards and Adobe Flash. Chromebooks are designed in a way that it get faster over time as updates are released.

Another great feature in the Chromebook is that there is a built-in Wi-Fi and 3G! Need I say more? In the 8 seconds of boot up, it quickly connects to your favourite wireless network so you're on the web right from the start. The 3G models include a FREE 100 mb/month of mobile data from Verizon Wireless. Now you can go everywhere and anywhere to work on your Chromebook!

One of the most outstanding feature of the Chromebook is that your apps, documents, and settings are all stored safely in the cloud. NO, I don't mean the clouds in the sky not THAT kinda cloud. What I mean by cloud here is that it is stored in remote servers controlled by Google or other companies. Instead of the normal PC software model, which relies on installed apps like Microsoft Office, customers can now use on Gmail or other Web mail program/Google Docs/Office 365, which exist online only. You can run Microsoft's cloud Office software on a Google Chrome device.

You can run millions of web apps; games to spreadsheets to photo editors. With the power of HTML5, apps can keep working even in those rare moments when you're not connected. No CDs required, just download from the Chrome Web Store to try the latest apps.

Chromebooks are easy to share. Family and friends can log in to experience their own Chrome settings, apps, extensions or use Guest Mode. Either way, no one else using your Chromebook will have access to your email and personal data.

Chromebooks gets better and better over time. Turn it on, it updates itself; automatically! Apps will stay up-to-date. Latest and greatest version of the OS. No annoying updates prompts anymore!

Chromebooks run the first consumer OS designed from the group up to defend against ongoing threat of malware and viruses. Need I say more? It has a great security built in it.

So what you waiting for? Discover more, and be prepared to purchase one maybe? It's gonna be on sale soon. You getting it or not? :)

Source :

Best Music Youtube Channel - Kurt Schneider

Well, it's no doubt that I'm gonna say that Kurt Schneider's channel ( is the best music channel in youtube. I've been watching all of Kurt's videos for almost a year or more now ever since I discovered his video featuring Sam Tsui, the Michael Jackson Medley (link) genius production I would say with genius arrangements by Kurt himself.

Such a shame though, because the video only has 25.9 million views so far, after more than a year being uploaded. I believe many more people should start viewing this rather than some useless crap and contribute to the view count. So, go take a look at the video and listen today :D 

The reason I say Kurt's channel is the best is because I'm a huge fan of Sam Tsui. BUT that doesn't mean he's any greater than Kurt either. I think both Kurt and Sam makes them a great duo together. Kurt is very good at song arrangements and I love Sam's attitude when he is singing. 

Take for example, the Love The Way You Lie mashup (link). You can see the many faces of Sam when he's singing which is really entertaining really. And that he really has THE attitude don't he? I mean to me, he just has the charms.

Well, another awesome video that was produced by Kurt featuring Sam and also another youtube sensation, Christian Grimmie - Just a Dream - has been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks and the views has been accelerating, currently at 24.1 million views now. 

Kurt's channel previously has about 500 thousand subscribers at the end of last year but now the number of subscribers have increased till 900 thousand making Kurt's channel one of the top in the musician category. And, I believe the Just A Dream video (link) has lured even more people to becoming Kurt & Sam's followers in their videos. 

Although Kurt works with Sam Tsui most of the time, he also have worked with other youtube users like Christina Grimmie, Alex Goot, Ahmir, Jake, J Rice and Nick Pitera. You would be familiar with these names if you're like me, always looking for good covers and originals across the internet. 

If you haven't know it yet, Kurt is also producing a movie, when it will be released I'm not sure but the fans are pretty much anticipating it. Previously, Kurt has released a few episodes of College Musical but now they're making a movie. 

Well yeah, are you excited yet?

One more thing about Kurt's channel is that you can never find Kurt singing :( I'd really want to watch a video of him singing. It'll be rather interesting. However, you can always see him playing instruments - guitar or piano or even the "drum pad". He's a really talented dude.

So, that's the overall review I can think of for the Kurt's channel. Definitely the best music youtube channel I repeat! Thing is, Kurt haven't been uploading much video this year :( No idea why. Missing in action? But let's hope he's gonna make a come back soon!

Updates #11

Heyya mateys! My last post on the pirates one was like more than a week ago. Sorry for the lack of updates. It's almost the end of the first week in May already! Time honestly just pass on so quickly.

Camp was good, minor hiccups here and there but I had a great time. :) College is okay, homeworks and more things to do now. And with the quizzes to come within the next weeks, it's not the time to mess around.

I'm gonna turn into ninja mode soon. Hehe. Oh yeah, was sick for the past few days. Woke up with a very sexy voice yesterday LOL. But better now. Thanks to H2O.

I'll continue to update as much as I can :) After all, I've kept this blog surviving for almost 4 years already. Weehee. Love you all, take cares ya. The weather is being mean nowadays :)