Yo people! See the picture above? It's Paper Jamz! A Paper Jamz guitar to be precise. My mum actually asked her colleague to buy it from elsewhere, you can't get Paper Jamz in Malaysia. =.='' 

What is Paper Jamz actually? It's actually a TOY. Yes, it's a toy, made of cardboard. And it's like RM100 after being converted. But you can get it for like 20-30USD. -_-; so unfair. Haih. Anyway.. Paper Jamz is a toy that "works" like a guitar. Like a real guitar, but still NOT a guitar. It's flat alright, no strings. But when you slide your finger across the guitar, magically it sounds as if you're playing a real guitar. Viola. Hahaha.

Well, I know musicians criticize of buying this Paper Jamz. Why buy a toy when you can have a real one? Well, it's fun and no brainer actually. Hehe, you can play your normal songs on Paper Jamz except that the chords placement are already pre-set. So, you gotta memorise the position and there you go. There's also several modes on Paper Jamz and you can just strum along..

What's cool about Paper Jamz is that, it's very very light and super flat. LOL really flat weih. I'm not used to it. And guess what? You can also buy an amplifier from Paper Jamz to amplify the guitar lah duh. LOL seriously, got such thing! Cool? Oh, can buy the guitar strap also. I think about 5USD? Dirt cheap ;( But why can't get it in Malaysia. WHY? 

Paper Jamz also have drums around. Drums, guitars, and amplifiers all in CARDBOARD? Man, technology is amazing I tell you. :P

Gonna get one like me? XD