Heyya mateys! My last post on the pirates one was like more than a week ago. Sorry for the lack of updates. It's almost the end of the first week in May already! Time honestly just pass on so quickly.

Camp was good, minor hiccups here and there but I had a great time. :) College is okay, homeworks and more things to do now. And with the quizzes to come within the next weeks, it's not the time to mess around.

I'm gonna turn into ninja mode soon. Hehe. Oh yeah, was sick for the past few days. Woke up with a very sexy voice yesterday LOL. But better now. Thanks to H2O.

I'll continue to update as much as I can :) After all, I've kept this blog surviving for almost 4 years already. Weehee. Love you all, take cares ya. The weather is being mean nowadays :)