If you've been to camps you'll most probably played this game before "Angel and Mortal". It goes like you'll pick a name - that person will be your mortal. It's a cycle where everyone pick a name so they have a mortal. And eventually, they'll have an angel too. This game a quite a long term game, so whatchu actually do is - make your mortal happy. I put it in that way, easier to understand what. :P 

What people usually do is send a messenger, on behalf of you and do something for your mortal. Example, ask a messenger to bring food for your mortal. Or write notes. Or buy a drink. Or sing a song. Or say something nice. Well, it could be anything. Be creative and think outta the box yo! 

It wasn't too long ago, earlier this month in fact, I went to my church family camp. Well, I have a mortal, but no one picked my name. :( Thus, no angel. It will be niceeee if I did have an angel though. Anyway, it was fun being an angel to my mortal cause she's very funny and cute. As in whenever I asked my messenger to pass things to her, she'll be like "Oh my gosh". Hehehehe.

One of the things I did was, I gave her Hacks sweets, asked my sister to pass to her. Then, I wrote a little note saying "Fun fact : Did you know Hacks stands for 'hanya aku cinta kau sahaja'?" I looked from behind and saw her laughing. Muahahaha. And everytime I asked a messenger to help her to take food for her, instead of her queuing up herself, she also got very happy. Well, I guess it's the simple things in life that makes us really happy sometimes. 

Anyway, two weeks later, which is last Sunday, my mortal came up to me and hand me an 'angel' keychain (the picture above) and a bookmark, as a sign of appreciation for being her angel in the camp. That was totally unexpected and totally made me feel like over the moon. Yahoo. I guess it's nice being nice and kind to other people and when we least expected something in return, and we get it, it'll make us appreciate it even more. :)